Two Simple Diy Preventive Healthcare Tricks To Keep You Fit

Preventive Healthcare
Prevention is better than cure, so goes the old saying. Having to deal with many different diseases or health conditions can be stressful. You may have enough resources to successfully fight every disease that pops in, but we have to agree that being sick time and again drains your vigor or stamina.

Again, the more you get sick, the more your immune system gets weak, so the best way out is to avoid getting sick if you can. Did you know that you can help your body keep you healthy so that you rarely get ill or develop complications such as tumors, arthritis, and suchlike?

It is time you change from a reactive approach to preventive measures when it comes to preventing diseases. With the reactive approach, you see a doctor or visit a clinic only when you are unwell. But with an approach that focuses on preventive measures, you are continually trying to avoid falling sick.

So how do you avoid falling sick?

Eat a Balanced Diet

There is a considerable difference between eating regularly and eating healthy foods in a balanced, well-thought ratio per meal. To keep fit, stop regularly eating the wrong way and start eating a balanced diet.

The fact that you have a favorite dish should not mean you indulge in it at the expense of others. To function properly and keep you healthy, the body needs various proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and fats. You can only deliver these to your system if you eat different foods with these nutrients.

When you take boiled corn with corn porridge for breakfast, then later on take popcorn while watching a movie, you eat the same product in different forms. It is the same case when you take wheat products such as spaghetti, biscuits, cookies, noodles, or bread in the course of the day.

A well-thought, balanced diet involves eating a wide variety of nutritious foods in moderation, meaning none of them dominates your table. It is one simple, DIY trick to keep fit.

Regular, Helpful Exercises

Walking to and from work every day is not equal to regular exercise, contrary to popular opinion. Why? It is because walking affects your lower limbs mostly. It does little to, for instance, your neck, arms, fingers, or shoulders.

It is possible to walk to work daily but still be unable to run to work if you happen to be late one morning. Reason? Your joints cannot stretch fast enough, neither can your heart beat fast enough to supply the oxygen you need to run. The result is chest pains. You are not physically fit, so you need to engage in helpful, regular exercises monitored by a qualified instructor.

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Walking may not be enough, but in this era of smooth tarmac roads and cabs, some people hardly walk. The result is gaining excess weight. Taking regular exercise is one preventive measure when it comes to eliminating unnecessary and unhealthy body fat.

There are exercises designed to strengthen your upper body so that your heart and lungs could function properly. Such activities considerably lower your chances of developing complications such as heart diseases, hypertension, or cholesterol-related issues.


Many of the lifestyle diseases are associated with poor eating habits and inactivity. That is why eating right and exercising correctly stand out as the main ways to retain or regain your health.

Preventive health care requires a fraction of your lifestyle adjustment, but the benefits are tenfold. If you make hay when the sun shines, your old age is going to be smooth sailing, free of the typical complications that frustrate the elderly.

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