7 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Bad Breath And Improve Your Smile

7 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Bad Breath And Improve Your Smile
Do you have a bad breath problem? It is not easy to judge yourself. Some people have neutral breath, and they feel uncomfortable about it while others may have a stinking bad breath and not realize at all. Knowing when your mouth smells bad is not that easy- unless you have a friend that will open up to tell you.

Some people will never give an honest opinion about your breath. So, if you are suspicious you have bad breath, you can don’t have to worry.

Here are some tips that will make your mouth fresh and clean so that you regain your confidence when speaking in public.

1. Brush after every meal

Just like you take good care of the house you bought from Movoto, you should also keep your mouth clean always. Maintaining oral hygiene can help reduce most health issues, including bad breath. You should make it a habit to brush your teeth after every meal and floss your mouth with enough water.

The actual cause of bad breath is the buildup of plaque on the teeth. Plaque feeds on the food particles that remain between your teeth after eating. Trapped food particles on the teeth attract bacteria in your mouth, and this will result in bad breath.

If you want to ensure your mouth is clean most of the time, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once. Note that you should not brush your teeth much because you can wear down the teeth and make them more vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities.

2. Drink milk

Milk is a popular home remedy for bad breath. After taking a garlic-rich meal, you can drink a glass of milk to remove the bad breath.

Some studies have shown that drinking full-fat milk after a meal containing garlic can help to reduce bad breath. You can also drink milk before a spiced meal to lessen the bad breath.

3. Clean your tongue

Most people forget about the tongue when brushing. There is a coat that forms on the tongue over time when you don’t brush it. This thin coat can host bacteria that cause bad breath. You can remove the coat and bacteria on your tongue by simply brushing them with a toothbrush. Remember to floss your mouth with clean water after brushing your tongue.

When you shop for a toothbrush, you should ensure it is sizeable enough to reach the back of your tongue. You can also try using a special scrapper customized for cleaning the tongue. A scraper will remove all the dead cells, bacteria, and food debris that deposit on your tongue. So, the next time your shop for dental products, you should not forget to buy a scraper for your tongue.

4. Drink plenty of water

Drinking clean water is good for your oral health. You want to ensure your body is always hydrated to avoid dry mouth that can result in bad breath. When your body is dehydrated, saliva production in the mouth is affected.

Without enough saliva in your mouth, you cannot have clean breath. Why? This is because saliva contains antifungal properties that ensure your mouth smells fresh. Saliva also keeps your mouth lubricated and removes all the food particles that remain in your teeth after eating. To increase saliva production, you have to drink at least 7-10 cups of clean and treated water every day.

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5. Use alcohol-free mouthwash

One proven way of ensuring your mouth is clean and fresh always is by rinsing with mouthwash. However, not every mouthwash is suitable for your mouth. When shopping for a mouthwash, you should look for one that is alcohol-free.

Alcohol is not good for your mouth. In fact, dentists hold that alcohol dries up your mouth, creating a perfect environment for bacteria growth. You should also minimize alcohol consumption or stop taking alcohol because it is not suitable for your overall health.

You can make your own mouthwash at home if you don’t feel like shopping for one. Here is the hack: Mix a pinch of baking soda in a cup of warm water, then add some peppermint oil in the mix to give it some good odor. Baking soda acts as an antibacterial and kills all the bacteria in your mouth.

6. Avoid taking foods that will sour your breath

Some foods will often cause bad breath. For example, when you take meals prepared with onions and garlic, you are likely to develop bad breath the whole day even when you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with plenty of water.

Onion and garlic contain substances that enter your circulation and find their way into the lungs. That is why your breath smells garlic after eating food prepared with the spice. The best you can do is to avoid eating foods that will sour your breath especially if you are planning to spend the day with friends or go for work.

7. Take a glass of organic fruit juice after meals

After a heavy meal, instead of brushing your teeth or flossing with clean water, you can as well take a glass of pineapple or orange juice. Pineapple juice can treat bad breath in just minutes. Apart from helping with bad breath, drinking natural fruit juice is also good for your health. Avoid caffeinated drinks after meals.

You can also chew some pineapple after a meal to wash your mouth and remove the bad smell. However, after eating the fruit, you must rinse your mouth with clean water to remove all the excess sugars left in your mouth.

Final Thoughts

Having a clean and fresh breath gives you confidence when talking in public. If you want to avoid bad breath, you must ensure oral health by brushing your teeth twice a day, avoiding alcohol, don’t eat foods that sour your mouth,  and stay hydrated.

When you try all these tips, but your symptoms persist, you should not hesitate to contact your doctor for a checkup. Sometimes bad breath may no be a problem in your mouth but the gut.

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