How Does the Disposable Vape Pen Work?

How Does the Disposable Vape Pen Work?
Vaping – a new phenomenon that took off during the past decade, and the number of users are consistently increasing. The vapers demand that the vaping and electronic cigarette product help them quit smoking the cigarette.

Disposables are the most chosen method in the world of vaping, and the number of people using disposable vape pens is on the rise. And this is major because the disposables use the higher strength nicotine that offers satisfaction.

So, what are these disposable vapes? The disposable vapes are small pre-charged and pre-filled devices that the vapers can buy and use immediately. The users don’t need to worry about recharging or re-filling the vape pens. Just open the pack and use it. Dispose of it safely when the delicious vape juice is finished and start using the new one.

The disposable vape pen such as those in the puff bar is designed to simulate the experience exactly as the regular smoker, but it does not involve any hassle of lighting the cigarettes. The disposable pens are pretty self-explanatory.

Let’s See What You Get When You Order a Disposable Vape Pen

Vaping has become a large part of popular culture. The technology behind the various vaping devices and the e-liquids used has changed over the years. Even though the number of vape users has increased substantially, many are not aware of what vape pens are and the working of electronic cig devices.

Disposable vape pens stand out among the e-cig category. That is because it comes as a single unit. There is no hassle of buying separate parts such as the battery or any other components in a vape pen. All the segments are incorporated into a single piece. It has the oil or the e-juice, battery and the atomizer within the device when you buy it.

When you order the disposable vape pen, you get an all-in-one pod system. You get a fully charged battery and pod cartridge that is pre-filled with the vape juice that contains the high salt-based nicotine. It is easy to use and convenient, fits your pocket and can be carried comfortably anywhere.

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Vape pens have a short life. The Beco Bars Puff Bar is a small disposable vape device with a pre-filled nicotine salt premium e-liquid of 20mg, a fully charged battery that delivers up to 300 puffs. Now, that’s equivalent to close to 20 cigarettes.  It comes in a box that is ready to be used. No annoyance at all. Throw it off safely when you completely used the e-juice in it and start with the next one.

How Does the Vape Pen Work?

The users say that the disposable vape pens are super easy to use; even by those who are new to traditional cigarette or starting to use vape products. The heating system in the vape pen is activated with the inhalation of the e-juice. The process is the same as the e-cigarettes.

When the vaper inhales the disposable vape pen, the oil inside is heated up to a point of vaporization. But the heat produced does not burn its components. Hence no fire or smoke is produced.  The benefit of using vape pens is that the vaporizers do not smell or have a reduced smell when compared with the traditional cigarette. Hence, disposable vape pens can be used by those who want the habit to be as discreet.

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