All About Vape Pods

All About Vape Pods
As the technology has advanced the users of nicotine have got a new version of cigarette. No, we are not talking of e-cigarette. The next new thing is the VUSE or vape pods. They are basically the usage of a pod. They are filled with e-liquid and make vapors when the user inhales from the mouthpiece. The pod has the heating element is also placed inside along with the component. All you need is a device with a battery and the user is good to go. These come in many versions, such as reusable and disposable.

What Are Vape Pods?

Vuse is a digital vapor cigarette that uses the pods for fueling the e-cigarettes. The pods are not bulky as they hold only around 1-3 ml of e-liquid. It will give an effect similar to that of a cigarette for a regular user. A few new devices come with an automatic setting so that there is no wastage or over usage in one go. They come with voltage control, temperature control, and also breathe easy activation. The cigarettes begin infusion as soon as the user inhales from the mouthpiece.

The vape pods are not e-cigarettes. They use nicotine salts and not nicotine directly. Also, there is no burning process involved in this pod. There are also vape that have e-liquid juices to fill them up rather than freebase nicotine. There are 2 major benefits, such as the nicotine salts being smoother to take in for the beginners. They do not hit straight in the throat, they are pleasant for the user. The absorption of the nicotine is also enhanced which is liked by the user as well. So the vape pods are preferred by those who are making the switch from traditional cigarettes.

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Comparison with the Traditional Devices

  • Compact size: the size of the new designs are much smaller and compact. It makes it easier to use and carry. The disposable version takes up space only that of the highlighter pen only. It is the preferred choice of the users who are always on a move.
  • Simple: the pods are very easy to use. there are no settings to be made. As soon as the user starts to inhale from the mouthpiece the vapors are generated and the user gets a constant flow till the end. There are no buttons, the pods are all sensor-based. So not much is to be done by the user, just enjoy.
  • Affordable: the price of the pods is much less as compared to the e-cigarettes. The disposable pods are the most cost-effective ones for beginners.
  • Nicotine salts: they are smoother for the user and also work on low voltage devices. Ther is much more absorption of the nicotine.
  • Lasting: if a person is not a heavy user then the VUSE will last long enough for a day. Yes, they are small but there enough space in the pods to hold around 1-3 ml of e-liquid.
  • Batteries: they come with rechargeable batteries that last for a long day without any more recharging.
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