What to Consider While Planning on Getting an Air Conditioner Cover?

What to Consider While Planning on Getting an Air Conditioner Cover?

Is it necessary to cover the air conditioning unit? This is a classic question out there in the air that can put the homeowners in a dilemma when looking for ways to extend their high-priced air conditioners’ lives. There are various types of air conditioners as tower ACs, split AC’s and window AC’s, etc., each of which has unique maintenance needs.

For split ACs, in which the processing unit is kept outside, usually in the backyard or outside of the window in an open space, it is recommended to cover it up properly while not in use. Doing this will help keep these units protected from any harmful environmental elements like the sun’s heat, rain, dust, wind, etc However, ensure that these are not covered when in use as it will adversely affect the AC unit’s performance.

Getting Good AC Covers

Usually, people switch on their air conditioners only during the summer months, but most of the times in a year, like winter, there are kept off. In such cases, you can ensure proper protection to the aid conditioning units by keeping these covered.

There are many varieties of covers available for air conditioners. You need to be very careful while choosing to get the right fitting air conditioner cover made of quality material to last for long and offer adequate protection.

What Needed to Be Considered While Buying an AC Cover?

As we discussed above, you need to consider a few important things while buying an air conditioner cover. Let us explore these in detail as below.

  • Size – make sure that you consider the dimensions of your AC unit while buying a cover. If the cover is too loose-fitting or tight-fitting, it may not ensure optimum protection. For premium brand AC units, you may get custom-made covered for particular models. Otherwise, you can search for third-party covers available online, which closely match your AC unit’s dimensions.
  • Material – another important consideration while buying AC covers is the material used to make them. You can find canvas, PVC, vinyl, and other types of synthetic materials as AC covers. Lighter materials like cotton may not be ideal for protecting outdoor AC units as these are not water and weatherproof.
  • Price – the pricing of AC covers may vary based on the material quality and the cover’s size. You may find many cheap variants of AC covers online, but these may not be the best choice to make. Ensure that the manufacturer offers an adequate warranty also, which stands as the testification of the product’s quality.
On getting a good cover, you also need to take on its maintenance to ensure maximum protection for a longer term. You may remove the cover at least once a week and wash off any dust or dirt on it. Also, check if any mice or other rodents camp inside the cover, which may ultimately damage the AC unit.

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