What Do You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Delta Variant?

What Do You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Delta Variant?
The Delta variant of COVID-19 is currently the most popular in the United States. However, many people don’t know much about this variant. If you’re worried about the Delta variant in your area, you’re not alone. Here are five things that you should know about the Delta variant so you can keep yourself and people around you safe.

1. The Delta Variant Is More Contagious

The main element of the Delta variant is that it’s more contagious than the original form of COVID-19. It’s considered a variant of interest because this changes the way that the virus can transmit between people. That means you should be extra safe now, and even though many things are going “back to normal,” that doesn’t mean that things are completely over yet. It’s still a good idea to be as safe as possible.

2. It’s Possible That the Delta Variant Is Worse for Young People

Many people talked at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic about how younger people seemed to be less at risk than older people. This messaging made many younger people feel like they could do more without worrying about their health. However, the Delta variant may be more dangerous for younger people, meaning these younger individuals may have to unlearn some of that messaging.

3. Vaccines Are Still Effective Against Both Hospitalization and Illness

While the Delta variant is more contagious than the original version, that’s not a good reason to forgo vaccination. Recent September 2021 studies indicated that the risk of infection with COVID-19 in unvaccinated people was five times that of vaccinated people, and the hospitalization risk was even larger at ten times.
COVID-19's delta variant: What you need to know | MD Anderson Cancer Center

4. Masks May Still Be a Good Idea

With scientific knowledge still rapidly changing with regards to the Delta variant, many scientific authorities are recommending that everyone, including vaccinated individuals, continue to wear masks in public. It’s a fairly simple step that could help protect you and the people around you as the scientific community learns more.

5. Information Is Still Adapting as We Learn More

Quite simply, the scientific community doesn’t know a lot about the Delta variant right now. It’s relatively new, which means that information is constantly adapting. You may need to change things up over time as more information comes out about the Delta variant. It’s important to stay up to date and learn more as the scientific community does; remember, the general public is all in this together.


While the COVID-19 Delta variant is scary, the truth is that with the COVID-19 vaccine and some more safety measures, you can continue to stay safe. The COVID-19 pandemic definitely isn’t completely over yet, but it’s getting there, and the more people who get vaccinated and wear masks in public, the more likely it is that the pandemic will be over soon. Staying up to date is the most important key, allowing you to learn more as everyone else does.