Veneers: Everything You Need to Know

Veneers: Everything You Need to Know
If you are someone who has discolored or stained teeth, has chipped or cracked teeth, misaligned or teeth with gaps, or just someone who wants to improve their smile, then veneers may be right for you. Here at Dr. Will Grella’s office, we are proud to be able to offer perfectly crafted porcelain veneers that will be sure to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of having. Our porcelain veneers are made of ultra-thin shells made up of a type of translucent porcelain that are bonded to your existing teeth. The veneers we offer are very durable and versatile for anyone that is looking for a makeover for their smile. The best part? They can usually be applied in just one visit with us and require almost no prepping.

What to Expect Before Getting Veneers

  • Take into consideration that porcelain veneers are unable to be removed from your teeth without the assistance of a professional dentist and they can last anywhere between 15 and 20 years
  • There are versions of veneers that are temporary lasting up to one or two weeks before you get your permanent veneers
  • It is best to choose a shade of white that will look natural with your skin tone and in comparison to what the color of your natural teeth are underneath (most people tend to think “the whiter the better,” but choosing porcelain veneers that are unnaturally white will not look good)
  • Veneers are not that different from normal teeth in the way that they can still crack or chip just like your normal teeth can (do your best to avoid teeth grinding or eating hard foods frequently)
  • You shouldn’t have to feel like you need to get veneers for your entire mouth, if you only have a few teeth that have discoloration, chips, or gaps, then you can get veneers placed over just those individual teeth
  • Veneers can fix a range of issues that you may not even be aware that they can fix, including worn-down teeth and misalignments
  • Many people prefer porcelain veneers over veneers made of resin because they are much better at resisting discoloration and/or stains (keep in mind that the maintenance of your oral hygiene is still necessary to keep your veneers looking good)
  • If you are someone who is prone to oral infections or tooth decay, then getting veneers is probably not the best option for you (but your dentist will examine your teeth and mouth to determine this before applying the veneers)
  • It is important to remember that veneers are not implants, they are placed on top of your natural pre-existing teeth (therefore, you cannot get a veneer placed in an area of the mouth where there is not already a tooth present)
  • Unfortunately, veneers are a type of dental procedure that is considered to be for cosmetic reasons only, so it is usually not covered under most dental insurance plans

What to Know Before Getting Veneers | Calgary | West 85th

How to Take Care of Veneers

When you have veneers, it is important to remember that oral hygiene is still essential to your new teeth looking good and staying in optimal condition. Just because you now have porcelain placed over your natural teeth does not mean that you can go without brushing, etc.

  • Be sure to continue brushing your teeth in the morning and at night for at least 2 minutes each time
  • Floss at least once daily to remove extra food and bacteria that your toothbrush may not be able to get to (flossing removes plaque and prevents cavities)
  • It is also a smart idea to use some kind of fluoride rinse once daily in order to strengthen tooth enamel (after brushing and flossing, a fluoride rinse will work to remove all the excess food and plaque from the mouth that were loosened by brushing and flossing)
  • Try not to eat too many sugary foods in an effort to prevent cavities because plaque likes to eat sugar and then it produces a type of acid that causes cavities
  • Be sure not to chew ice or use your teeth to open bottle caps
  • Schedule a dentist appointment every 6 months to check up on how your teeth are doing and as a preventative measure
As you can now see, there are many things to take into consideration before choosing veneers for yourself. But one thing is for sure, your oral hygiene should not change when you get veneers. After reading these lists on what to expect before getting veneers and how to take care of them, we hope you feel much more informed about the topic. Veneers can be an investment, but they are also an investment in your smile and your overall confidence, and we believe that a beautiful smile is always worth it.

If you would like to request further information about veneers or if you would like to make an appointment with us, we encourage you to do so! We look forward to hearing from you.