How To Help A Depressed Person And Recognize Depression At Work?

How To Help A Depressed Person And Recognize Depression At Work?
What is depression? It is often mistaken for energy exhaustion, depressed mood, or mourning, so public awareness of this disorder is low. Sometimes you hear a coworker complain that they are depressed because of rainy weather outside their window, failure, or some other trivial cause. What are the symptoms of depression?

Even the sadness caused by the death of a dear person is not depression, because, according to psychologists, mourning for a loved one lasts up to about a year. In addition, it can be of different severity, but is still a natural reaction to a traumatic experience, which is undoubtedly the death of a family member, spouse or friend.

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You can talk about depression caused by the death of loved ones only when this condition lasts for years and does not improve. In fact, a person who becomes depressed most often becomes unable to work and function normally within a short period of time due to depression. Treatment here is the only salvation for both body and mind.

From a physiological point of view, the human body affected by this problem lacks the appropriate amount of serotonin, i.e. the neurotransmitter commonly known as the happiness hormone. Depression through work is also possible!

Depression At Work

Unfortunately, new technologies, which were supposed to save time, did not make Poles work less – on the contrary, their work fills most of the day. Overwork, working from deadline to deadline, high responsibility, high levels of stress, rat race and workplace mobbing can lead to depression and crying at work.

As a result, it is not uncommon for people who manage to function in such an environment for an extended period of time taking significant amounts of sedatives, hypnotics or narcotic stimulants. Treating depression shouldn’t be like this!

Work Depression: What It Is and How to Deal with It

Some people take a handful of pills a day without consulting a doctor, just to stay on top of the wave, pay off the loan and save ongoing projects.

Depression does not spare any group – it affects senior and lower level employees, full-time employees and people running their own business. Symptoms of depression can occur in everyone.

A Person Who Is Depressed At Work

Depression is not an ordinary and temporary drop in mood. People suffering from depressive disorders are rarely aware that they have fallen into their trap.

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It is true that they notice various disturbing symptoms and strange reactions of the body, but they attribute it to fatigue, the weather, the amount of responsibilities or a life under stress. This is what it is with depression – the symptoms can be completely different than we imagine.

Meanwhile, people suffering from depression more and more often have serious problems with memory. Sometimes they forget what happened just moments ago. It may seem that such a coworker ignores simple commands or daily duties, and in fact, despite his good will, he is unable to concentrate on what you say to him.

Every day a depressed person feels more and more tired. So much so that getting out of bed in the morning is unimaginable hardship, and every action is associated with a feeling of suffering and helplessness. Paradoxically, while still facing exhaustion, she is unable to fall asleep or wakes up around 4am waiting for the alarm clock to sound.