Ultimate Satisfaction With Erotic Massages

Ultimate Satisfaction With Erotic Massages
An erotic massage is an excellent form of foreplay. Thanks to it, partners can achieve greater sexual arousal, and at the same time relax and relax, especially when combined with essential oils. Erotic massage is especially recommended for people stressed out by work, for whom the excess of duties translates into poor quality of erotic life.

Erotic massage is a set of tactile techniques practiced by sexual partners, very often as a form of foreplay. It also happens that, for various reasons, health or psychological penetration is not possible and then a tender massage can be a great alternative for a romantic evening.

Erotic Massage – Advantages

Few people know how much erotic massage can have for the sexual life of partners. Here are some of its advantages that have a positive effect on sexual intercourse, improving its quality:

  • sensual kneading and rubbing of a woman’s body leads to increased secretion of sex hormones,
  • helps men with erection problems or temporary impotence;
  • helps to relieve stress, nervousness and muscle tension;
  • has a relaxing and relaxing effect;
  • contributes to oxygenation of the muscles and improves blood circulation;
  • is an excellent method of foreplay;
  • allows you to get to know your partner’s body more precisely;
  • it gives pleasure to both partners.
Erotic massage has a positive effect on sexual contacts between partners, brings them closer to each other, creates an atmosphere of closeness and intimacy.

Types of Erotic Massages

Due to a great interest in erotic massages, some techniques have been improved and invented. In Valencia, it is easy to find parlors of SweetTouch to experience the ultimate pleasure of various massages.

Nuri Nuri

It is a sensual massage with olive oil: coconut oil or a substitute. The emulsion is colorless and odorless, so there is no risk of allergy. Moreover, it is a nude massage. Both you and the masseuse undress. You experience the soothing touch of her hands, forearms, stomach, and breasts. The nude massage takes place without feet. If you want, you can hug or stroke the masseuse during such wonderful and pleasing sessions.


It is a holistic massage, also known as body to body massage. Thanks to it, you will relax after a day of work or during periods of increased stress. It is a massage with the finale that you will feel relaxed and full of strength.


It is an oriental Hawaiian massage. The masseuse does not completely undress, so the session turns into a game of senses and mystery. You cannot hug her or stroke her – your role is to remain a passive recipient of overwhelming pleasure. Let yourself feel it in every cell of your body. Massage with the final fill you with energy with which you will face the greatest challenges.

Four Hands

Four-hand body massage is about caressing your naked body with the bodies of two masseuses. If you want, you can hug them, hug them, or stroke them.


It is made with special chocolate oil, which, due to its composition, does not turn into a shell, does not solidify or crumble. Throughout the hot chocolate massage, the oil remains slippery and liquid, which makes it easier for the masseuse to caress your body and take pleasure from you.



Tantric massage in Valencia is sharing a touch that reaches deep into the skin. A well-performed tantric massage reaches the very essence of being. It treats the human body as a whole, and helps to create a sense of security, trust, and serenity. Tantra also has a great influence on the chakras.

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