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Medical Equipment
MedTech offers a large in-house inventory of medical equipment including infusion, respiratory, monitoring, humidifiers, oximetry, therapy, bedding, support surfaces, and more. Each piece of equipment is cleaned and certified by our Biomed technicians.

MedTech is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals that remain devoted to making needed MEDICAL equipment available to healthcare facilities within Africa with innovative, creative, and responsive equipment acquisition solutions broken down into three customer-centric market orientation reasons why MedTech is your excellent choice.

1. MedTech equipment solutions include leasing, rentals, and direct sales. These options provide flexibility that is very different than other companies that only provide a singular, rigid option. With this flexibility, we are able to offer custom options that work best for our healthcare customers. These include more end-of-term options, minimal fees, deferred payments, equity rentals, diverse inventory of high-quality equipment, all with fast approvals and dedicated rep support. We have a large inventory of patient-ready equipment available that allows us to be responsive to requests much different than equipment providers that source all of their equipment. As a relationship-driven company, we execute a simple and straightforward process that creates trusted and lasting partnerships.

Medical Equipment

2. MedTech supplies Solutions is a single-source provider of medical, surgical, diagnostic imaging, and radiation oncology equipment, including sales, service, repair, parts, refurbishing, and installation. MedTech is making it easier and more affordable for every hospital, clinic, and medical practice to have the very best equipment, supplies, and service. One source for operating, critical care, procedure, and exam equipment

3. MedTech Supplies Surgical is a premier supplier of surgical equipment for the modern operating room. Surgical facilities of any size or specialty can rely on MedTech Medical Supplies equipment experts to help them find the perfect combination of factory new and professionally refurbished products for their unique needs.

MedTech Supplies is one of the largest independent medical equipment leasing and rental companies in the healthcare industry. With nearly 30 years in business, MedTech Supplies has served over half of the nation’s acute care hospitals and many other healthcare facilities with leasing, rental, sales, and service solutions. We make medical equipment available with simple processes and dedicated service.



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Medical Equipment

MedTech Supplies provides medical equipment vendors with custom and simple leasing solutions, giving them a strategic selling advantage. We understand the challenges that equipment vendors and hospitals face and provide creative financing options when cash is not available for purchase. Our strategic vendor partners utilize our solutions to sell more equipment and increase business.

MedTech Supplies also provides rental equipment to facilities across the East African Region including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda South Sudan and Ethiopia. We specialize in renting and selling infusion pumps, ventilators, patient monitors, beds, and more. With multiple locations across Africa, we offer peak-need, long-term, and custom rental options that work best within the facility’s budget. We also offer certified biomedical services, ensuring equipment is always tested, clean, and patient ready.

What Equipment Acquisition Solutions Does MedTech Supplies offer?

  • Rental — We provide a variety of hospital equipment rental solutions for your peak-need, short-term, or long-term needs.
    • Sales — Purchase quality pre-owned equipment that is clean and patient-ready. We have perfect solutions for nursing simulation and education labs, EMS transport, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.
    • Leasing — Katui Medical Supplies has partnered with the most prominent medical manufacturers in the industry, providing medical equipment financing programs for their medical devices. We also provide leasing directly to healthcare facilities.

Do You offer Biomedical Services for Your Equipment?

Yes, our in-house Biomed team consists of certified technicians that are trained to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and repair procedures. MedTech’s quick response time and safety compliance make us an excellent choice to repair and perform preventative maintenance.

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