There is a Remedy for the kidney!

There is a Remedy for the kidney!

This way to Supplement the kidney, Half the Effort!

Cold feet, back and knee pain, frequent urination at night

What is the problem?

The answer is the kidney

Kidney, and human growth and development, aging, fertility, sexuality are closely related, poor kidney function, kidney supplementation is imperative, but kidney supplementation “trick” used so many, the effect of why so ……

In the time of kidney supplementation plus “God’s help”, so that the kidney supplementation with half the effort!


1. UP-BRO Ingredients–WEISSWURZ

Weisswurz, also known under the name of Solomon’s seal, is truly a plant with a history. The legendary King Solomon is said to have blasted rocks with her help, which earned her the reputation of being able to open locks and doors. So it’s no wonder that the white root has also been used as a medicinal plant for centuries: whether against bruises, bruises, gout or constipation, the white root proved to be a real all-rounder at an early stage. The contained tannins lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, while saponins ensure that the cardiovascular system is strengthened and the tendons are tightened.

2. UP-BRO Ingredients–KUDZU

The wine-like kudzu is a climbing plant from the mountains of Japan, where it has been used as a medicine for all kinds of ailments since the Neolithic Age. Thanks to the ingredient puerarin, for example, kudzu lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels. The plant is also used in the treatment of nicotine addiction and all kinds of metabolic disorders.


These seeds are found all over China, but are mainly produced in the Chinese provinces of Hebei, Jilin and Liaoning. They are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, where they are used against a variety of ailments. For example, they contain glycosides, which can strengthen cardiac output. These seeds are also used against impotence, too frequent urination, knee pain and loss of appetite.


The raspberry is a real superfood that is known for its many active ingredients. This was also the case in antiquity, when the fruit was already used as a medicine. Similarly, the raspberry was also widespread in the monastery gardens of the Middle Ages. Among other things, it contains phenolic acids, which can significantly reduce the risk of liver disease. The natural coloring agent anthocyanin can also help prevent cancer. Furthermore, raspberries are particularly helpful in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, intestinal diseases and Alzheimer’s. Thanks to numerous vitamins, the raspberry is also very healthy and therefore an important part of a balanced diet. It also strengthens the metabolism and circulation and is consumed as a tea to increase fertility.

5. UP-BRO Ingredients–GINSENG

This plant is truly divine: legend has it that the Korean god of the mountains once showed people the way to ginseng. That is why the plant was reserved for royal families for a long time, which is also due to its complex cultivation. The ginseng used for UP-BRO comes from a remote Chinese region, which is characterized by soil that is particularly rich in selenium. This allows the active ingredients of ginseng to develop even better. Among them about 25 different ginsenosides that help balance the body. For example, they strengthen the immune system, prevent exhaustion and stimulate the libido. No wonder that the use of ginseng has a long tradition!

6. UP-BRO Ingredients–AUSTER

The Greek goddess of love Aphrodite already had a special relationship with them – according to legend, she once sprang from a large oyster. This is why generals like Caesar and seducers like Casanova swore by the power of this special seafood. However, this was not only due to the creation of legends: because oysters also contain many important nutrients. One of them is zinc, which raises testosterone levels, strengthens the immune system and has a stimulating effect. Oysters also contain a lot of iodine and high-quality protein that strengthens muscles and stabilizes tissues.

7. UP-BRO Ingredients–GOJIBEERE

The goji berry has long been a fixture in traditional Chinese medicine. Thanks to its high nutritional content, it is used as an anti-aging agent, as ingredients such as iron or calcium help maintain eye health, relieve back pain and prevent impotence. The numerous vitamins (A, B, C) regulate the nervous system and support cell structure. This berry is a real power fruit!


Originally spread as far as Europe and North America, this multi-layered tree looks back on a long history. Remains have been found in fossils more than 10 million years old, which shows that this plant has long been valued for its many possibilities. Its bark contains the anti-inflammatory aucubin and is used in traditional Chinese medicine for kidney problems, high blood pressure and impotence. It also contains the antioxidant quercetin, which makes this tree a real power plant.


What is UP-BRO?

UP-BRO is the first nutritional supplement for kidneys in the world. Its formula was found in the Medieval Europe based on natural medicine, and analyzed by the most advanced laboratory in Austria. The product has been put into production according to the most stringent international quality standards. It has been passed the test by German Pharmaceutical Center(PZN: 17309492, PZN: 17309463), undergone marketability test in BELAN laboratory and recommended for clinical use by Praxis am Stubenringvva, a famous medical institution in Europe.