Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Liver Repair

Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Liver Repair
Good health means knowing when to indulge and when to detox. The best herbs for liver, the organ responsible for keeping out toxins, can help you do that. It is truly amazing knowing how our body works, the number processes that are involved in what we call smooth functioning every day. Among all these, it falls upon us to treat our bodies like the holy grail and pay a little extra attention to keep it free of toxins.

What Does The Liver Really Do?

Detoxifying our body from the toxins we consume and come across regularly is the sole responsibility of the liver. More importance could be put on this vital organ to keep our bodily systems up and running.

Before jumping into how you could do a real cleanse, let’s understand the role liver plays. To begin with, it is the largest organ in the body which secretes digestive enzymes. This doesn’t just ensure food is well digested, but also that toxins move out of the body.

  • Depositing toxic substances into bile for processing
  • Releasing bile to aid the digestion
  • Storing vitamins, minerals and glycogen
  • Breaking down old red blood cells
  • Storing the iron inside the body to process haemoglobin
Any of these functions being disrupted can be the result of a liver disease. Seeking treatment like Ayurveda liver detox or natural syrup for liver are few ways to look at for treating liver diseases. Let’s look at a few major liver diseases to understand more.

Types of Liver diseases

While symptoms can’t directly depict the type of liver disease, general symptoms like yellow skin and eyes, swollen ankles and abdomen, nausea, vomiting and decreased appetite can indicate that one might have a liver disease. Some of the main ones are:

Fatty liver disease

Accumulation of fat in the liver can lead to this disease which is of two types, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Both of them can eventually lead to liver failure and can be treated with natural herbs for fatty liver and significant lifestyle changes.


Hepatitis is actually a viral disease which disrupts the normal functioning of your liver by causing damage. Best way to protect yourself is by getting vaccinated and staying away from unaccountable needles or sexual partners because the disease is also contagious.


Scarring of the liver tissue is basically cirrhosis and that is possible through any other liver disease or possible liver damage from excessive alcohol consumption. Treating your body with ayurvedic herbs for liver and making lifestyle changes can be helpful as treatment.


The liver breaks down old red blood cells and if that is hindered, it leads to jaundice. It is the most common liver disease and symptoms are yellow skin, eyes and urine. While jaundice itself isn’t as serious but it can lead to other complicated liver diseases.


Liver cancer is a possibility as a complication of other liver diseases or when it originates in the liver itself or when it spreads from another body part. For any of these cases, treatment plans can be as extensive as a transplant or removal of a part of the liver, given it regenerates.

Ayurveda for all Your Liver Problems

Ayurveda believes in true detox of the body given how many toxins we consume. The best way to detox is through inculcating healthy habits that lead to a healthy liver. In many cases of fatty liver disease, herbs for fatty liver have done wonders by detoxing the body. Ayurvedic practitioners suggest a complete cleanse through their regular consumption.

It is also known in Ayurveda that the liver is a fiery organ which means anything that is hot in nature and its effect, isn’t best for the liver. Spicy food, alcohol, packaged food and tobacco etc are the key things to avoid. The liver can take care of itself as long as we support it by not consuming as many toxins.

What is great are herbs for the liver that have a cooling nature, often bitter in taste as well. Neem, karela, amla, green vegetables, turmeric and beetroots etc. will not only boost liver health but help in healing. They are the perfect ingredients for a good detox.

Best Natural Herbs for Liver

Herbs for fatty liver treatment have been recommended by many practitioners given their effectiveness. These herbs have been used to prepare ayurvedic medicines for a long time and can be easily found as well. Their regular use will result in overall better liver health.



Benefits: One of the best herbs for liver detox is ginger with its natural antioxidants that can reduce inflammation. Especially for fatty liver disease, it is a miracle herb that can help prevent lipid storage.

How to use: Inducing ginger into your regular diet is very simple, you could add it to your tea or your meals as garnish or key ingredient. A cup of ginger tea every day will definitely keep any liver disease away.


Benefits: Liver functioning can be improved and strengthened with the help of sugarcane. Its general nature is alkaline which ensures acid levels are maintained in the body, hence making sugarcane a great help with fatty liver.

How to use: Sugarcane in juice form is the best way to have it almost daily. You can add a bit of lime juice, ginger juice and coconut water to the juice to maintain good liver function.

Burdock Root

Benefits: One of the best herbs for fatty liver is Burdock root because of the antioxidants present in it. They can actually shield the liver from any possible damage from toxic substances and alcohol.

How to use: Burdock root is readily available in the form of a powder of liquid created by boiling it. You can either have it with warm water or as a part of your tea as well.

Milk Thistle

Benefits: Milk Thistle is a great herb for liver for the influence it can have on liver function. It is of immense help in reducing inflammation or slowing down liver tumor cell replication. Damage protection from the detox process is another benefit of this amazing herb.

How to use: Milk thistle powder can be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning. For those who have a sensitive stomach, it is recommended to have it along with a meal. Many herbal capsules are also available now that contain milk thistle.


Benefits: Oral intake of Sarpunkha panchang improves liver function and has been used as part of many liver disease focussed Ayurvedic medicines. It can actually aid regeneration of the liver tissue over time.

How to use: Panchang can be taken in the form of capsules that have it as an ingredient or raw with water or milk. Ujwala Ayurvedasharm has been known for manufacturing the award winning Livcon capsules that have Panchang as their main constituent.


Benefits: Giloy has many health benefits along with improvement in liver function. Jaundice and hepatitis can also be treated with this herb that has played an important role in Ayurveda for a long time. It is the most recommended of herbs for fatty liver disease.

How to use: Chewing giloy empty stomach has been suggested as a method for taking on what the herb has to offer.


Benefits: Bhringraj has been known to reduce the stress from toxic substances on the liver, hence improving its overall functioning. Ujwala Ayurvedashram’s Livcon capsules also have it as one of the herbs for fatty liver treatment.

How to use: Having bHringraj powder twice a day with water, after light meals can be very helpful for reducing inflammation.


  1. Is liver disease curable in Ayurveda?
  2. Ayurveda can definitely liver conditions if coupled with the right lifestyle and habits.
  3. What tea is good for the liver?
  4. Green tea is great for the liver as it improves enzyme production.
  5. Is lemon water good for your liver?
  6. The liver has been known to produce more enzymes in the presence of lemon.