Is Silencil as Good as it Claims

Is Silencil as Good as it Claims
Silencil is one of the most commonly prescribed supplements for tinnitus that was introduced into the market around two years back. It was Henry Sanders , a “research analyst” when faced with experiencing tinnitus, tried searching for a cure for the horrible ringing in his ears that was becoming unbearable. Finally with Dr. Thomas Peterson’s aid he discovered that brain inflammation has some direct connection with tinnitus and together they developed the drug Silencil.

Is Silencil a Miracle Drug?

Silencil is not in any way a wonder drug that will get rid of tinnitus. It is just a supplement that will aid to reduce the indications of tinnitus. This is done by treating the main trigger of tinnitus. Tinnitus is found to be triggered by inflammation of the brain in certain areas. This results in the patient experiencing a ringing tone in your ears that never seems to fade away. Silencil aims are to take care of the brain inflammation and offer solace for the same from within.

Working of Silencil

Each capsule of Silencil comprises natural factors that are especially effective for reducing the inflammation of the brain. Thus this capsule will aid to improve one’s brain fitness slowly, lowering the experience of ringing and providing overall relief for the same.

  • Firstly, it helps in lowering inflammation of the brain and swelling thereby reducing the harm that it is causing the nerve cells.
  • This results in the healing of brain cells gradually with the reduction of swelling and reversal of the harm that was inflicted.
  • This medicine also aids in overall improvement of one’s “brain health”. This wonderful drug does not help to heal just tinnitus but helps in better brain focus and clarity. Even headaches take a backseat.
  • Silencil if taken long term helps in averting brain damage and all other issues related to tinnitus. In short it provides excellent protection against all kinds of brain related issues and diseases.
  • This drug has also been proven to augment your mental well being and make you feel more peaceful and calm.

What makes Silencil?

Silencil comprises twenty eight ingredients which have been put together with great attention and care to ensure that the drug yields excellent results. The best news is that this drug contains only natural ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals or unwanted additives thus making it completely safe without any adverse effects.

Main ingredients that make Silencil

The most important ingredients that Silencil comprises of include

  • Hawthorn berry which is an effective antioxidant. It has polyphenols that have been proven to have excellent anti-swelling properties.
  • Skullcap is yet another ingredient with exceptional circulatory properties which is also equipped with anti-inflammatory qualities. This ingredient is proven to be effective in easing headaches, lowering cholesterol levels and even easing stress.
  • GABA, short form for Gamma-Amino butyric acid, is another exclusive ingredient that is found to yield excellent results in relieving stress and lifting your mood. It releases serotonins that aid in stabilizing your mood swings.
  • Rhodiola is also a stress buster.
  • Vitamins B2, B2 and B1 are also included in Silencil.
  • Chamomile helps to lower sugar levels and helps to reduce brain inflammation.
  • Ashwagandha is another ingredient which is amazing for lowering stress and depression apart from its “anti-cancer” properties.
  • Oat Straw is a kind of grass for addressing various issues of the nervous system.
  • L-thianine reduces blood pressure levels and augments cognitive movements.
  • Mucana puriens also helps to alleviate your mood and reduce tension.

Adverse effects of Silencil

The wonderful news is that this medication supplement has not been proven to have any serious adverse effects and is absolutely safe for any adult above the age of 18 years.

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When does Silencil begin showing results?

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In most cases, this supplement begins showing instant results. However, the longer you continue taking this supplement, the benefits will surely be more significant.


One bottle comprises thirty pills and it is advised to take one pill a day preferably at the same time daily.

Benefits of Silencil

Although, results and benefits of using Silencil will not yield similar results in all patients, this supplement is guaranteed to provide some wonderful benefits. Apart from helping to provide relief from tinnitus, this pill also aids in improving the functioning of the brain and helps in averting any kind of brain disorders.

Does Silencil require a prescription?

Since it is just a supplement, one does not require a prescription in order to purchase Silencil. However, it would be advisable to consult your doctor before beginning this medication.

Does Silencil come with FDA Approval?

No dietary supplements have the approval of the FDA. Hence even Silencil is not FDA-approved. But the medication has been tested completely as far as efficiency and safety is concerned. And moreover, this supplement is manufactured following all the required GMP practices.

Does Silencil have Negative Effects?

Since the drug has no chemicals and is manufactured using completely natural ingredients, very few adverse effects or negative effects have been reported.

Who should avoid Silencil?

Anyone who is not yet eighteen years of age should not take this supplement. It is not advised for people who are pregnant also.

Where can one purchase Silencil from?

This supplement cannot be purchased from any medical store or supermarket. This drug can be purchased only through the Silencil’s official website.

Is Silencil Genuine?

While the advantages of using Silencil seem unbelievably good to be really true, this supplement is not a sham. It is indeed an excellent supplement that is proven to be a blessing that will help a victim to address his tinnitus issues in a safe and trouble free manner. This supplement works to improve one’s brain functioning and address the cause of tinnitus.

Guarantee and Refund

The manufacturers of this medication also provide you with a sixty day “money back policy” in case your tinnitus issues do not get better with using this pill.

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