How to Deal With Pet Stress?

How to Deal With Pet Stress?
For millions of people all across the United States, pet stress is an everyday problem that causes a lot more issues than it needs to. Most people don’t think they have enough time to cater to the needs of their pets and help them to be less stressed. However, taking the time to nip stressful behaviors in the bud before they become out of control saves a lot of time in the long run. Is your pet stressed out, or full of anxiety? Read on and see some simple ways that may help them to relax.

Signs Of Pet Stress

Although dogs and cats are much different from each other, it is pretty easy to see whether or not either one of them is full of stress or anxiety. Cats can act in an assortment of ways between constant howling or yowling and hiding somewhere far away until they believe everything is better.

Dogs can bark excessively for no apparent reason at all, tear up furniture and chew on things they are not supposed to chew on. Another sign of stress or anxiety is when they choose to poop or pee all over the house even though they are potty trained.

Both cats and dogs can become agitated or even aggressive when they are scared, or stressed out. Sometimes pets can even be dangerous. Whether it is a cat or a dog that you are dealing with, remember to always be calm and refrain from yelling at them.

Physical Activities

For animals and humans alike it is always helpful and healthy to get a substantial amount of exercise each day. If your pet is penned up in the home all day long and does not get enough exercise it could be a big problem.

Outdoor cats usually can get enough exercise on their own, but if you have indoor cats it is important that you provide them a way to get exercise. Cat castles and plenty of toys can keep them climbing and active if they get bored.

When it comes to dogs, if you have a backyard or area big enough where you can take them and encourage them to run, it is a good way to have them let off some steam. If not, it is crucial that you take them out for a walk and allow them to get a good 30 minutes of exercise as much as possible. Exercise is a very important part of the lifecycle of a dog. They need to run and play and get as much of it as they can, otherwise, they become unhealthy and depressed. By not taking your dogs for regular walks, you are slowly crushing their spirits. They become depressed and unhealthy. Make sure that you are giving your pets an adequate amount of physical activity every day.

Give Them Attention

Pets thrive on attention. For most cats, if you pet them and show them love they will begin to purr. Dogs will slobber all over you and wag their tails with joy when you pet them and talk to them. If your pet suffers from stress or anxiety petting them and giving them your attention will help to calm them and soothe them. For the most part, if you take the time to give your pets the things that they need the most, they will be better for it. Food, water, attention, and exercise. Not necessarily in that order.

A Calming Environment

If you live in an environment that is always stressful and full of negative energy, your pets will most likely be stressed out and full of negativity. Instead of yelling at your pet when it does something that you don’t agree with, try to be patient and understanding with it. Gentle coaxing and reminding gestures can go a long way with an animal when aggression will only cause more problems.


If your pet is showing signs of stress that won’t go away, you should make an appointment with your vet and hear what they have to say about it. Each pet will be unique and have its own needs, so sometimes it is best to get an opinion of a professional. Either way, remember that your pet will ultimately mirror your demeanor, so try to be as calm as you would like your pet to be.

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