How is DBT Different from CBT?

How is DBT Different from CBT?
Now the reason why this is a such an important question is because of the fact that, in many different cases people do not actually understand how important their emotional problems are and how much they might be affecting their lives.

Are you Ready to Get Better?

If you’re the kind of person who can get emotional or get driven by your emotions very often you need to stop and ask yourself the following question. Is your relationship with your emotions healthy or did you actually need help?

The most well-known method of treatment after this point was CBT also known as cognitive behavioral therapy. In general, cognitive behavioral therapy was able to treat a very wide audience using very generic methods.

Difference Between DBT and CBT

Although those methods didn’t work, and many different cases, they were not able to bring the right results on the table. And that was mainly because of the fact that, treating all people the same way is actually not the right way to do it sometimes.

This is why dialectical behavioral therapy also known as DBT has actually come to life and it has proven to be much more effective than CBT. As the name states, the dialectical behavioral therapy is actually much more focused adapted and tailored to suit the people who feel their emotions very intensely.

Everyone is Using DBT

In other words, DBT is not just a general kind of therapy that might or might not work for you. If you truly believe that you do feel your emotions very intensely to the point where, they can actually be problematic, you need a very specific type of treatment and this is what DBT comes in.

The four aspects of DBT are mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. Those four axes will be able to treat pretty much every kind of emotional problem you might have. From depression all the way to an actual eating disorder.

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You see DBT actually deals with the problems you might have as emotional problems in order for it to be able to find the root. An eating disorder is not just a physical problem it is also an emotional one and three DBT you will be able to treat it.

If you want something specific, something tailored to your needs and your preferences then, dialectical behavioral therapy is certainly the right way for you to treat your emotional problems.

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