Effectiveness and the Possible Side Effects of Elmiron

Effectiveness and the Possible Side Effects of Elmiron
Elmiron is a drug manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals to treat discomfort or bladder pain because of interstitial cystitis or IC. The drug has side effects including hair loss, nausea, and diarrhea. Those who take the drugs may also experience abdominal pain, upset stomach, or headache. While most of these effects are mild, new reports show that Elmiron could be toxic to the retina, which is the tissue behind the eye that senses light. This possible side effect forced sufferers to find an Elmiron lawsuit.

How Elmiron Works

Elmiron is taken not to cure IT but to offer relief from symptoms associated with the chronic condition. Millions of people in the United States suffer from IC. Although the causes of IC have yet to be determined, some activities, food, and rinks may trigger symptoms. For instance, those who suffer from this condition reported symptom flares with intercourse, using tight undergarments, or stress.

For a patient who begins to take Elmiron, it may take between three and six months of continuous treatment before they notice relief. Patients need to be reevaluated by their doctors after the first three months. Doctors may recommend extending Elmiron treatment for another three or six months, depending on the effectiveness of the drug and the side effects.

Elmiron and Macular Degeneration

Scientists have identified a link between using Elmiroon and macular degeneration, which is a condition that can result in permanent vision loss over time. New studies claim that those who take the drug for a prolonged period have an increased risk of developing pigmentary maculopathy, a kind of eye damage. Elmiron users could develop symptoms of vision issues as early as three years after the treatment.

Those who take the drug should consult with their prescribing doctor to reassess whether the benefits of using Elmiron outweigh the possible ocular adverse effects. Also, they have to undergo annual screening, imaging, and monitoring for eye toxicity.

Elmiron Lawsuits

According to lawsuits filed against Janssen, the medication insert of Elmiron failed to list any warnings about eye damage or an increased risk of eye disease. It was only in June 2020 when its manufacturer added a warning about pigmentary maculopathy.

Those who have taken Elmiron and suffer from maculopathy or other serious eye damage should hire a lawyer to help them seek compensation for their condition. They can get compensation for past and future medical expenses for treating their injuries, past and future suffering, , wage loss, and other economic losses they experience as a result of their injuries. 

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