Do Children Need Tooth Extraction? 

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Brisbane boasts an amazing outdoor lifestyle, fantastic sceneries, tons of festivities, great facilities & services, and wonderful weather. It is the capital city of Queensland, Australia, and it is one of the best places for kids to call home.

Families can enjoy a lot of activities in the city. Kids can swim in beaches and riverside lagoons, use the playgrounds, and visit some kids’ museums and art galleries all for free! They can even take free transportation to get around the city.

Moreover, the city has many kid-friendly restaurants where even the pickiest eater kids would sit and enjoy a hearty meal. However, no matter how delicious their menu is, if your kid has a toothache, there’s no way they can enjoy the food nor the amazing activities around the city.

Your child’s milk teeth will eventually fall, giving way to permanent teeth, and it is one of the most exciting events for most parents. However, there are times that the milk teeth need some help to get removed; for instance, if the teeth are damaged or badly decayed or crowding the emerging permanent teeth. In situations like these, you will need to find and get help from a pediatric dentist or a children’s dentist in Brisbane to extract the tooth.

Does a Child’s Tooth Need Extraction? 

There are some reasons your dentist will recommend tooth extraction for your child, and they are:

  • The tooth has damage caused by trauma or injury.
  • The tooth is decaying.
  • The milk teeth are staying for too long, crowding the permanent teeth. Tooth extraction is needed to allow the permanent teeth to come out to avoid future orthodontic treatments.

What are the Procedures in Child’s Tooth Extraction? 

The extraction of a child’s tooth may cause anxiety to parents and the child as well. However, most child’s tooth extraction is simpler and less complicated than the adult’s tooth extraction procedure.

The dentist will begin by checking the tooth’s bone and root condition through an X-ray. The tooth extraction for kids only needs local anesthetic. Then, the dentist will remove the tooth using a pair of forceps.

Some extractions can be more complicated, where the dentist needs to remove some gum tissue around the tooth to get it extracted. This procedure typically needs sedation via IV or nitrous oxide. This procedure is common and safe for kids that need to undergo a more complicated dental procedure.

Do Children Need Tooth Extraction

Post Teeth Extraction Care for Children 

Remember that the area where the tooth was extracted will bleed after the procedure. The dentist will use sterile gauze to control the bleeding after the extraction. Some procedures may require small stitches, allowing the extraction area to heal fast.

The gums will create a protective blood clot that will keep it from having a dry socket. Dry socket is a condition where, once the blood clot is removed, that part will be exposing the underlying bone to food, liquids, and air, and can be very painful.

To let the protective blood clot form, do not rinse your child’s mouth within the first 24 hours. Once ready, rinse your child’s mouth with saltwater, ensuring that the area is clean and causing less pain than before. If your child cannot tolerate the pain, gets a fever, or you notice too much swelling, you must contact the dentist to get a prescription.

Remember to keep your child in a soft diet for a few days and ensure that the extraction area remains clean all the time. Your child should drink lots of water, keeping the mouth clean and hydrated.

In case of an emergency, you don’t have to panic about contacting a pediatric dentist or children’s dentist in Brisbane since you can Google them up quickly. And the services they provide are unmatched hence you can rest assured.

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