4 Signs That It’s Time to See a Dentist

4 Signs That It’s Time to See a Dentist
Capalaba is characterised by its geographical location in Australia’s northeastern coast. It is one of the famous suburbs in the Redlands with several commercial centres. It is also surrounded by residential streets and bushlands. Its neighbouring suburbs include Birkdale, Sheldon, and Alexandra Hills. Capalaba has a total land area of about 89.17 square kilometres.

Capalaba is a suburb that is known for its exceptional healthcare services, especially in the field of dentistry. However, some residents hesitate to visit a dentist in Capalaba, as they lack awareness and disregard oral health. To address this, here are four signs that it is time to see a dentist:

1. Shifting or Loosened Teeth

Permanent adult teeth should last an entire lifetime and stay in place. This means you should be alarmed if you notice that your teeth have slight movement or widening gaps. This can be a sign of bone disorders in the face or an oral infection. If you have been experiencing this, then it is time to see a dentist.

A dentist can prevent loose or shifting teeth by treating their root causes. When you visit a dentist in Capalaba, you can get checked for any jaw disorders or teeth infection arising from poor oral health.

2. Toothache During Cold Weather

Capalaba has a sub-tropical climate that experiences rainy and humid seasons. However, there are instances wherein temperatures can reach extreme conditions that can lead to very cold weather.

Although low temperatures can be quite uncomfortable, it should not lead to toothache or tooth pain symptoms. If this occurs, then it might be caused by an underlying oral health condition. And this is why it is important to visit a dentist.

Only an experienced dentist can fully determine the cause of your toothache during cold weather, as it could be a cavity, broken tooth, abscess, or damaged filling.  If you have frequently experienced toothaches, whenever it’s cold outside, you should see a dentist immediately.

3. Receding Gums

Gum recession is a typical condition progressing with the natural aging process of an individual. According to reports, nearly 85% of people over 60 years of age experience gum recession in at least one tooth. However, gum recession can also be caused by gum diseases, such as tooth decay and infection.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, individuals over 60 years of age constitute around 20% of the population of Capalaba, which are all at risk of developing receding gums. If you happen to be a part of this age group, it is best you visit a dentist in Capalaba to check if you are suffering from normal gum recession or an abnormal condition.

4. Oral Bumps and Sores

Since Capalaba has a humid climate, fungal growth can easily increase inside the home and cause infections that lead to oral health problems. Inhabitants in Capalaba are prone to experiencing common canker sores, but these should clear up on their own in a few days. However, if they last for more than a week, a fungal infection may be caused.

If you have mouth sores that have not dried up or healed for more than a week, then it is time to see a dentist to treat your condition. By this way, oral thrush or candidiasis that causes oral bumps and sores are also treatable.

A dentist is the only healthcare professional who is knowledgeable and has the right technical skills to treat your oral condition. Don’t let your oral diseases last for a longer period, and check out a reputable dentist in Capalaba today.

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