Differences Between Outpatient Treatment Program and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. Which to Choose?

Differences Between Outpatient Treatment Program and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. Which to Choose?
If you or someone that you may love is going through drug addiction and the sight of them is hard to bear, and at the same time you are looking for treatment, then it is needed that you may know the difference between outpatient program and intensive los angeles outpatient rehab program to see which one you or your loved one might be in need of. Rehab facilities have many other kinds of treatments and the best way of knowing which to choose is to know the benefits that the patients get from each kind of drug rehab program that fit the needs of the patient.

What Is Outpatient Treatment Program?

This program is given by drug rehab facilities. Basically, this treatment program is part-time, it is not fulltime like inpatient treatment program. In this program, the patient has to go to the rehab facility for a few days a week and get treated for a few hours. The treatment basically consists of therapy through counselling.

Outpatient treatment program like any other treatment program does require a lot of commitment despite it having less hours of treatment. This type of treatment is perfect for people with a job or school so they can grow their lifestyle and establish themselves in the field while getting treated. And because of this treatment program, the patients do not have to stay away from their practical life.

When Does Outpatient Treatment Not Work?

Just getting yourself treated with the help of outpatient treatment program might just not be enough. Although outpatient treatment program might help the patient get better in their work and school life, but sometimes the opposite can happen too, the patient’s work life can affect their treatment program and make them feel those mental triggers which would align them towards drugs again. If even after the outpatient treatment program you are still in a bad habit of getting drugs, then there is a chance you may not be able to treat yourself and your addiction might go to moderate or severe levels. When this kind of situation comes up, a more rigorous form of drug addiction treatment is needed for the patient.

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The Differences Between Outpatient Treatment Program And Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program.

Intensive los angeles outpatient rehab treatment does not require someone being admitted at a rehab facility, similar to outpatient program, the patient has to go to a rehab facility and get treated for a few hours. The main differences between the two are that the patient gets treatment for more hours as compared to the outpatient treatment where they only get for 1 hour or maximum 2 hours. In intensive outpatient treatment program, the patient is given treatment for 2-3 hours or even more for a few days a week. Outpatient treatment days are more, it is needed for 5 days a week, while intensive outpatient program can be done for 3 days, 4 days, or even 5 days.

It also costs less as compared to the outpatient program because less hours are there in the outpatient treatment program. Outpatient costs 1,000 dollars per month while intensive outpatient costs 5,000 to 10,000 dollars per month. Intensive outpatient treatment is just for people who need a more intense treatment to get their drug addiction sorted out.

Which to Choose?

Sometimes after getting checked up at a rehab facility, the patient is advised they can choose either outpatient treatment program or intensive outpatient treatment program. So, if you can’t function properly and some practical life tasks are hard for you, then intensive los angeles outpatient rehab is your treatment program. Otherwise, outpatient is fine if you can do your daily tasks easily.

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