7 Nursing School Supplies You Never Knew You Needed

7 Nursing School Supplies You Never Knew You Needed
Nursing school is an exciting and challenging experience. Every nursing student knows they need supplies like nursing scrubs and a stethoscope to be successful. After all, these items are essential for simulation labs and nursing clinicals. While you will need to buy these before you begin your internships, there are some products you may not know you needed. Each of these supplies are loved by nurses and can help you to feel confident and stay successful while you are in nursing school. Consider picking up the following nursing school supplies while you shop for the essentials. As you conquer the demands of your labs and face-to-face patient care, you are sure to be ready for anything.

Compression Socks

Athletes and workers in a variety of industries wear compression socks to keep them comfortable throughout their day. Physicians and nurses like them because they help prevent body fatigue and leg pain. Compression socks help to encourage healthy circulation in the limbs, which assists in keeping the entire body healthy.

Stylish socks are available to match with your nursing shoes or athletic footwear. Find socks and hosiery from some of the most well-known clothing brands in the nursing field. You can shop for colorful and fun rainbow prints, tie-dye and heart patterns. There are also plenty of solid colors available to go with your shoes or your uniform.

Pulse Oximeters

A fingertip pulse oximeter is an important part of most medical exams. When you buy your own affordable oximeter as a nursing student, you help yourself get an edge on your nursing clinicals. Having an oximeter allows you to practice taking a patient’s pulse with accuracy. It is also beneficial to have one of your own to take with you for your simulations and practicums.

A variety of models are available to nursing students, all at a great price. These include colorful and compact pulse oximeters and innovative diagnostic products. You can even buy pediatric pulse oximeters or all-in-one performance monitors that also track a patient’s temperature and heart rate.

Badge Reel

Since hospitals and healthcare clinics need to provide the best in safety and security, nursing students will need to have a badge approved to get into their clinicals. It is also possible that you will need a special ID to enter their nursing school. Keep these badges with you at all times. If you are not given a badge reel or lanyard from the school or the nursing facility, you can purchase one of your own. A lanyard or reel will make it easy to find your badge in your car, backpack or nursing bag. A badge reel makes it easy to attach your ID to your clothing.

A fun badge holder will add a little personality to your student scrubs. It may even brighten someone’s day. There are a variety of cute and interesting badge holders out there, including animals, seasonal styles and colorful crystals. For a classic look, there are plenty of reels and lanyards out there in solid colors.



Nursing students will need to keep a pen handy during their classes and labs. A penlight is a useful supply for school because you can use the attached flashlight for your simulations, internships or practicums. Like many of the useful accessories available to nurses and nursing students, penlights are affordable to purchase. When you shop online, you will be able to find everything from disposable penlights to colorful LED pupil gauge penlights.

Buy one in your favorite color or grab one that will match your scrub uniform. Budget-friendly penlight multipacks will allow you to keep an extra one handy in your car, backpack or medical bag. You will also be ready to go in case your pen goes missing during a patient exam. Favorite products among nurses include reusable penlights with a protective metallic outer covering and USB rechargeable LED penlights with a matching cord for traveling.

Storage Clipboard

While you can certainly use a regular clipboard to take patient notes and develop nursing care plans (NCPs), a storage clipboard is even better for the nursing student. These specially designed items with a hard storage box attached to the bottom of the clipboard can help you to protect your notes and carry them with you as you walk the halls. Storage clipboards also allow you to keep reference notes and cards by your side.

You can find storage clipboards at office supply stores. Some are available on the same sites that sell nursing scrubs and medical devices. Find one in a basic shade or a color that helps to brighten your day.

Watch with Second Hand

While there are many innovative watches available, it is best for the nursing student to wear one with a second hand. You can find a watch with a second hand online or in department stores. There are also watches made especially for nurses, physicians and nursing students.

Browse your favorite nursing scrubs and accessories website to see what kind of watches they have. One of the most popular products for nursing school and nursing clinicals includes budget-friendly nursing watches with a plastic band, case and lens. These dynamic watches have standard and military time for easy time conversion. While you will find nursing scrub watches in a rainbow of colors, you will also like braided silicone watches, sophisticated leather band watches and water-resistant watches that help your nursing supplies to last beyond school.

Nursing Bag

Nursing bags and specialized medical bags are helpful for students because they have plenty of secure pocket storage. While you can keep your wallet, smartphone and snacks in this bag, you can also store your essential student supplies and medical devices. There are plenty of styles for sale, including backpacks, totes and cargo bags. Some even have special laptop compartments, tablet pockets and stethoscope pockets. Some of the most beneficial features that come with nursing bags include non-skid bottoms and padded shoulder straps.

If you like to carry a separate bag or purse for your personal items, you will find nursing bags in compact sizes as well. They come in different colors, patterns and materials. Whether you like classic canvas or water-resistant nylon, you will enjoy how these unique bags protect your supplies and help you to carry everything with ease.


Succeed in Nursing School with the Right Supplies

There may be some supplies that go beyond the list from your nursing school. These items can help you to make the most of your education while helping to prepare you to become an excellent nurse. Start with supplies at affordable prices to find out which products you truly need. As you progress through school and get closer to licensing, you can begin to buy the items that you will use for your career. Products like compression socks and nursing bags will help to take the load off your body after a long day. Devices and accessories like pulse oximeters and watches with second hands teach you how to become a competent nurse.

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