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Why CBD Softgels Work So Well

People from around the globe are taking a new interest in the CBD products that are available on the market today. There is a lot of buzz traveling among the health and wellness community regarding the benefits that CBD may have to offer people and pets that take it on a regular basis. There are many forms of CBD that you can easily find online or even on display in local stores, but the one we will be focusing on today is CBD softgels. Sofgels have become a favorite for numerous CBD enthusiasts, and we think we may know why.

What Are Softgels?

Softgels are small, capsule-like pills that are made from a type of gelatin that breaks down easily in the stomach. When hemp extracts are processed, they first come into the world in the form of an oil or a tincture. This extracted hemp oil is then encapsulated into a small pill that becomes a softgel. The process is usually done by way of machinery that is designed to pull a specific amount of oil into an area that immediately becomes encapsulated by the gelcaps. Since gelcaps are made of a material that gets solid when it falls under a certain temperature, the encapsulating process is a bit tricky and the gelcap solution needs to be kept heated until the oil is safely inside of the capsule and ready to get placed into small bottles.

Traditional softgel casings are made out of beef-derived gelatin, however, there are plenty of plant-based gelcaps available in order to ensure vegan softgels.

How Do Softgels Work?

Once the softgels have been manufactured and put into bottles to be put on the market, they are ready for users to enjoy them. Since softgels are made out of gelatin, they protect the oil inside but are easily broken down by the acids in the stomach. The user pops a pill in the mouth, then swallows it in the same way they would their daily vitamin.

Once the softgel enters the stomach, the acids that break down food get to work and begin to break down the gel. This tiny bit of protection gives the oil inside enough time to hit the bloodstream and still be intact enough to deliver the benefits that CBD has to offer.

Do Softgels Have THC?

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system differently than THC does. This is why CBD engages different effects than THC does. If a softgel is a full-spectrum extract, it will have up to 3% THC content in it, as well as a plethora of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. If the softgel is broad-spectrum, it will have everything that is in a full-spectrum softgel, except for THC. If it is a CBD isolate softgel, the only being it will contain is pure CBD and whatever kind of oil is in the capsule to ensure the correct volume for that particular type of softgel.

Softgels and Bioavailability

Although some scientists say that placing a drop from a CBD tincture directly under the tongue or even smoking hemp is the highest form of bioavailability for CBD, there is still a lot of potential in the CBD softgel. Softgels contain a pure hemp extract that is measured out into a perfect dose. When you swallow the gel, as we described above, it goes to the digestive system then gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Since there is a bit of a challenge for the oil to reach the bloodstream it may take up to 45 minutes for the full effect of CBD to hit, but because of the protection of the oil in the softgel, it makes for a suitable bioavailability factor that does not waste the CBD.

The Bottom Line

CBD softgels are growing in popularity because they are easy to use, fast-acting CBD products that deliver all of the wellness benefits that CBD has to offer. The reason why they work so well is that they are encapsulated in a substance that easily breaks down in the digestive tract, but keeps the oil inside safe and potent. Whichever way that you prefer to ingest your CBD, is all a matter of preference and perspective. CBD softgels, however, are convenient and neat so that you never have to fuss with eyedroppers or other extra accessories.

The Quality of the Hemp Matters

No matter if you prefer tinctures, gummies, softgels or whatever just make sure that you get your CBD products from a trusted source that raises their hemp plants right. High Falls Hemp NY is a quality leader in the hemp industry that takes pride in cultivating healthy, happy hemp plants that deliver goodness from seed to soul.