The Challenges of Starting a Cannabis Business

The Challenges of Starting a Cannabis Business

The marijuana industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. However, things have not been easy for entrepreneurs joining the industry. Even as many countries continue to make marijuana legal for recreational and medicinal purposes, the substance remains illegal under the federal government. It takes a lot to start and establish a cannabis business like The Dispensary NV Recreational Marijuana Las Vegas – Eastern Express today. However, the industry has a lot of openings for entrepreneurs. There are several challenges that businesspersons starting marijuana businesses continue to face. Here are the main and the most challenging ones.


Getting a license for a marijuana business is one of the most tough things that businesses in this industry are facing. The process is expensive and complex. It will even take more than one year before getting proper licensing. However, to have an established business like the Eastern Express Dispensaries, you need to get proper licensing. Remember, this substance is still under stiff debate. Before you get the license, you will need to understand the requirements on a state level, city, and county. Even if you are able to gather the fund together, there is no guarantee that you will get the license. The market worth of marijuana is enticing many people to enter the business, and this is why licensing has become one of the most complex things.

Seed to Sale Tracking

The strict regulations do not just apply to licensing. If you are a cultivator, the government will require you to perform seed-to-sale tracking. That means, your plants should have tags right from the seedlings. The barcodes are expensive, especially if you have a lot of plants. Remember, these tags must be intact from growth to harvesting, drying, and weighing. So, this is quite a process and an expensive one for growers. Failure to follow this could lead to jail time.

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Product Regulation

When it comes to selling marijuana edibles, every business, including Dispensary Las Vegas must be cautious with how it conducts its sales. Cannabis edibles are also faced with strict regulations that all businesses must adhere to. Remember, these regulations differ with states. So, unless a business sticks to its states, crossing to another state means partnering with other marijuana businesses in the new state. A business that wants to sell cannabis edibles or any other cannabis product will have to look for other licensed manufacturers and growers for partnership. Then, the businesses in collaboration share the profits. This means that no business in the supply chain has full control.

Delivery Laws

Marijuana businesses have also to follow strict packaging and delivery laws. Remember, businesses have to package their products in such a way that it will not be enticing to the children. Therefore, they have to learn what is accepted and what is not. Furthermore, the delivery dosage is different in states. These variations make it costly. Before, only a certain amount of cannabis was allowed for delivery. That means surpassing this limit was risking jail time and other consequences. Today, even if the limit has been raised, there are still a lot of issues facing the delivery sector.


Even if you have enough capital to start a marijuana business, there is nothing like having it the easy way. There are still a lot of complications that entrepreneurs continue to face today. The above are among the main setbacks that marijuana businesses are facing.