Some of the most popular cannabis strains that win the hearts of weed lovers

Some of the most popular cannabis strains that win the hearts of weed lovers
To get the chill from smoking marijuana, it is imperative to choose the suitable strains that meet your expectations or even surpass them. You must be great at smoking weeds, which ensures high relaxation and offers various medicinal benefits of the ancient cannabis plant that have thrilled people across the world.

Knowing the cannabis strains that could be most enjoyable for you, trying out different strains available at is one way to create a list of preferences for you.  You can also gather some names of the strains from your weed buddies with whom you can share your expectations. But keep in mind your location and the source of supply because the strains you are looking for should be available in that region.


If you are a Toronto resident and take an interest in marijuana, then you must have heard the name of AK 47 many times within your known circle of weed enthusiasts. But, for God’s sake, do not confuse it with the weapon of the same name because what we are now talking about is one of the most popular strains of cannabis across Canada. The beauty of the sativa dominated hybrid strain AK-47 is that it keeps you mentally alert while you enjoy maximum relaxation. The sweet smelling strain will remind you of the aroma of woodlands and flowers, and the taste of sweet earth will leave you bemused.


If you are an Indica fan, you will find a lot of merit in M-39 to include it in your list of favorite cannabis strains.  The strain belongs to the Indica species of the cannabis plant and is stable among Canadian cannabis growers. As a result, M-39 enjoys much popularity across Canada and the hardy Indica that it is. The strain with an earthy aroma will remind you of split wood supplemented by the freshness of lemon flavor.


The climate is an important consideration when choosing marijuana strains because it impacts the availability of the strain in a particular region. Lowryder is a cannabis strain that flourishes in a cold climate and is ready for plucking in about 40-45 days.  The short and stocky plant that is barely 16 inches high is of the Sativa variety with a pungent smell, a blend of the earthy aroma and sweet citrus.  The strain has high stimulating properties that make your body and mind more agile.

There are a variety of factors to consider when planning your first commercial grow. These factors include cannabis grow site selection, a consistent watering schedule, balancing your pH levels, and lighting, among others. With practice and trial and error, you will perfect your commercial grow method over time. Advanced growers may consider maximizing the efficacy of their grow space using the cannabis Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) methods to increase the volume of available bud produce come harvest time.


The Indica dominant strain is an indigenous variety of Canada and one of the most popular weed strains due to its medicinal properties. Medical patients seeking relief from pain, various effects of nerve damage, and insomnia can benefit most from it.  The pungent aroma of pine and fresh earth is the most identifiable aspect of the cannabis strain, which stands apart from others due to its distinct pepper flavor.

DJ Short Blueberry

The DJ Short Blueberry cannabis strain is especially popular in the British Columbia region and has wide acceptance throughout Canada. The potent Indica strain remains true to its name as it tastes like sweet blueberries.

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