Singapore Eye Clinic Tests for Unclear Vision

Singapore Eye Clinic Tests for Unclear Vision

The unclear vision condition is subdivided by a Singapore eye clinic specialist into 2 groups: the near-sightedness and the far-sightedness. In these conditions, an individual can either see the objects at a close to place clearly while it’s tough to view the items at a far place or the individual can see the items at a far object plainly while objects located closeby are a little blur to him. It’s common in children and adults. It was corrected by using rehabilitative lenses.

Visual Acuity Test

The most basic of all is the visual acuity examination that is performed to determine the intensity of you vision. In less complex words, the visual acuity test helps in identifying the distance from which you can preserve ideal vision. If you have been aware of a vision problem lately, performing a visual acuity examination ought to be an important agenda.

This eye examination is also safe for kids, and it is vital to get through a visual acuity examination as it should be a priority to identify vision concerns in time.

This includes a diagram of letters or symbols that you need to examine from different distances. The analysis, consequently, would help discover how great your vision is and from what range you can see completely.


A common category of blur vision suffered by people of all ages is that of nearsightedness. With nearsightedness, you would be able to clearly see objects that are nearby, yet the further they are from you, the blurrer they become. This is why you may have no issue reading a book when placed in front of your face yet struggle with checking roadway signs that are a distance ahead of your vehicle.

What causes nearsightedness or its other commonly cited name – myopia? Myopia happens when the eyeball is too long. Because the eyeball is longer than regular, a refractive defect occurs in your eye where the retina struggles to focus incoming light. As such, light is diffused to a wider zone, and leading to the blurred images. Again, depending on the distance of the object from you, the degree to which light gets diffused in your eye differs.

It should also be noted that nearsightedness can be developed due to overly curved lens of the eye. In this scenario, your eye’s concentration point is thrown off. Typically, the issue of overly curvature is associated with hereditary where the odds of you having it is higher if fellow family members have myopia as well.

Refractive Mistake

Refractive mistake is an usual eye trouble and one of the most typical cause of preventable blindness globally. It is an issue with the focusing capability of the eye and it can quickly be corrected with a set of glasses for the most part. You may have heard of myopia (short-sightedness), Hyperopia (long sightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia, these are all kinds of refractive error which can impact both young and old alike.