Reveal Hidden Facts And Learn How To Make Alkaline Water

Reveal Hidden Facts And Learn How To Make Alkaline Water
No two reasonable men can argue on the importance of water as a source of life for every organism. It is vital for cells, tissue, organs, and the best way to hydrate your body. Also, it can regulate body temperature, help to maximize body performance, and helps with nutrition. That’s why the human body needs a minimum of 2L of water daily.

However, we don’t know which type of water is best for our health. In recent years, some people pretend that alkaline water is better than regular drinking water and has some special benefits for health, but do the scientists agree? And how can we make it?

What Is Alkaline Water?

You may hear “alkaline water” for the first time, and you don’t know what it is? Regular drinking water has a neutral pH, while alkaline water has a higher PH level, which makes it preferred for those who advocate it.

The pH runs from 0 to 14, 0 is very acidic, and 14 is alkaline, and seven is neutral. The regular drinking water has a neutral pH of 7, but alkaline water has a pH of 9.

Additionally, alkaline water includes minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential. The negative ORP is the capability to perform as an antioxidant.

Is It Safe To Drink Alkaline Water?

The scientific world is divided into two groups. The first one claims that alkaline water has no benefits for health., and regular drinking water is better for most maximum people.

As claimed by the Mayo Clinic, there is no scientific research that fully confirms that this type of water can help to prevent chronic diseases and regulate the body’s pH level.

However, some studies insist that alkaline water has so many benefits for some conditions.

For example, a study claims that drinking alkaline ionized water after the workout has a significant effect on blood viscosity comparatively with regular water.

Another study asserts that alkaline water can be used as an accessory therapeutic due to its benefits on people who have blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. 

Briefly, whether alkaline water or regular water, you should drink water most of the time and try to reduce your consumption of different beverages like soda, energy drinks, etc. 

Why Alkaline Water? -

Does Alkaline Water Promote Weight Loss?

According to a study, drinking water may promote weight loss in overweight dieting women independent of diet and activity. However, no scientific research supports alkaline water as a standalone weight loss remedy.

Benefits And Side Effects Of Alkaline Water?

Benefits Of Alkaline Water

  • Alkaline water can boost the immune system and help to neutralize the acidity in the body after a diet or work stress.
  • Alkaline water is rich in a variety of minerals like calcium that is important for healthy bones.
  • Alkaline water may be essential for people who practice sport daily and need more water to keep their body hydrated. The molecules of alkaline water are smaller than those of regular tap water, so cells can absorb it better, and the body is hydrated faster.
  • One of the most important benefits of alkaline water is the neutralization of the acidity in the body by decreasing the extreme acidic content in the stomach.

Possible Side Effect Of Alkaline Water

You can consume alkaline water safely, but excessive alkalinity in the body may cause some side effects like gastrointestinal and skin irritations. For this reason, it’s recommended to consume alkaline water moderately.

Ways To Make Alkaline Water 

If you’re convinced of the facts that you learned about alkaline water, you may want to make it, but you don’t know how?

Besides its benefits, alkaline water is easy to make at home and with natural ingredients.

All you’ll need is clean and filtered water, organic lemon, and Himalayan pink salt. When you combine all the ingredients, water becomes more alkaline, and the Ph level rises.

Create Your Alkaline Water With This Easy Receipt:

  • 1 Jug (64. oz) clean, filtered water
  • 1 Organic lemon cuts into eight
  • 1 Tsp Himalayan pink salt 


Fill the jug with water, cut the washed lemon into eight, and add them to the water without juicing. Then add the Himalayan pink salt and cover. Let the mix rest for an overnight at room temperature and Voila! You can now enjoy it.

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What Is The Difference Between Artificial And Naturally Alkaline Water?

 Let’s start by the artificially alkaline water, most of it use ionizers and processes like electrolysis or add baking soda.

Artificial alkaline water contains the same minerals as natural alkaline water (e, g magnesium, and calcium), but the body thinks it is receiving more alkaline minerals than what is present in the water.

What happens really when you consume artificially alkaline water daily? The small intestine becomes alkaline, and side effects start to appear, such as erratic heart behavior, hypertension, nervousness, anxiety, urinary tract, and bladder infections.

If you aim to always have good health follow healthy and natural food and drinks. You know now how to make alkaline water in a healthy way, so do it! and if you don’t have time don’t forget to ask if the alkaline water in the market is natural or artificial.

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