Physiotherapy- Myths & Facts

Physiotherapy- Myths & Facts
Everyday we meet different people or communicate with different people. You must have noticed that they sometimes assume something about any field that’s not actually true. The same thing is applicable for physiotherapy. Most of the people don’t realize the positive sides & start believing in myths.

So in this article, Dr. Vinay Verma who is one among the best physiotherapist in Narela, Delhi with experience of 14 years will explain seven common myths about physiotherapy. Along with him, we have Dr. Mukesh Mahajan who is one of the best general physician in Pune to address the issue.

Myths & Facts-

I need a referral to visit a physiotherapist

Myths & Facts

This isn’t true. You do not actually need any referral or prescription or a script from your doctor. This is now legal for you to opt for physiotherapy without any referral.

Physiotherapy is painful-

A lot of times people have the impression that if I’m going to therapy it’s gonna be really painful and they are gonna hurt me and I am gonna leave feeling miserable. That’s not the goal in the least with physiotherapy. It is obvious that physiotherapists or their assistants want you to go away feeling better than once you came in. They want you to be ready to move better. they want you to be ready to do more things. They want you to leave better with a smile on your face than once you came in.

Physiotherapy is painful

Physical therapy is merely for injuries or accidents-

Physical therapy is merely for injuries or accidents

A lot of times people do not know exactly what physical therapists do and they don’t really understand the services physiotherapists provide. Sometimes they only think that physiotherapists are rehabilitative specialists, that physiotherapists just help people after an injury or an accident. Although this is often something that physiotherapists are capable of doing physiotherapists can also do a lot more. There is a lot of various things they treat. Physiotherapists can treat neurological patients or patients who’ve had strokes. Physiotherapists treat babies with torticollis. They treat people with dizziness or vertigo & can treat people before they need surgery.

Any healthcare provider can provide physiotherapy services-

This isn’t true. There are literally only two people that can provide physiotherapy services which is that the physical therapists or physiotherapist and his trained assistant. Now, there are people within the healthcare field that help with this process as a physiotherapy technician. But they’re technically not allowed to provide any type of physiotherapy service. So, unlike just going to your personal trainer and getting some exercises or going to your massage therapist and getting a massage, physiotherapy encompasses tons of things. Physiotherapists can prescribe exercises, they will provide stretching,

Any healthcare provider can provide physiotherapy services

they will provide manual therapy with their hands like soft tissue massage. They will also do joint mobilizations, they will do modalities like hot packs, cold packs, ultrasound. They will do plenty of various things. So, physiotherapy encompasses tons but not everyone else can do what physiotherapy does.

Physical therapy isn’t covered by your insurance-

Physical therapy isn't covered by your insurance

This could be true for a few insurances. But most insurance can pay for your physiotherapy services. Once they reach a particular threshold with health care services, then their insurance can pay the remainder. But no matter the insurance plan, in most of the cases insurance companies can pay for physiotherapy. If you are thinking about how to find out if your insurance covers your physiotherapy is simply call your insurance firm and ask them what are your benefits for physiotherapy and they will tell you.

Surgery is your only option-

Surgery is your only option

There actually are tons of various options you can choose from before opting for surgery. You can go for more complicated treatment methods or you can lean towards a more conservative measure which is like where you will find physiotherapy or massage therapy or something like that. So, surgery isn’t your only option. There are tons of other things and those all are more natural ways of helping your body versus invasive ways like doing surgery or injections.

I can do Physiotherapy by myself-

I can do physiotherapy by myself

Physical therapists have a Doctorate degree meaning they studied physiotherapy and everything that goes into it. They know the body anatomy & nervous system better than you. They study everything about their profession for multiple years & they learn tons through that. So, when physiotherapists or physical therapist assistants treat patients there is a lot of background that they use to settle on what the simplest intervention & how should they perform this certain exercise, what would be the simplest thing to try to handle a specific patient and you cannot get that just by yourself by googling something or by just reading a piece article. Physical therapists use tons of various ways to treat people whether it’s modalities or stretching or exercise or manual therapy and if you’re just doing it by yourself simply you cannot do all of them that a physiotherapist can provide. Physical therapists actually will show you how to do exercises so that you can do them yourself. But it is impossible to do everything perfectly without the supervision or guidance of an experienced physiotherapist.

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