Is Erectile Dysfunction Induced by Cardiovascular Disease?

The chances of suffering from ED and cardiac disorders are high. In most of the cases, it has been observed that people suffering from ED also have some sort of cardiac problems.

So what is the relation between these two entirely different types of disorders?

And most importantly, what should be the guidelines for people who have cardiac disorders but prevent themselves from ED.

Here we will explain all that you need to know about cardiac disorders and ED problems.

Before moving further here is a brief explanation of what ED or erectile dysfunction is. In short, ED or erectile dysfunction is the inability of the patients to achieve erectile hardness.

The problem of erectile hardness or erectile dysfunction was earlier thought to occur only in elderly people who are well beyond their sexually prime years.

But this is certainly not the case.

Many factors could cause ED like lifestyle factors, psychological factors, and diseases. Among the physical disorders, the presence of cardiovascular disease is one of the major problems.

Understanding the potential link between your cardiovascular disease and ED

How do cardiovascular problems induce ED? At first, it may seem completely unrelated but once you understand the biological phenomenon of how erections are caused it becomes crystal clear.

It all starts when your brain sends signals of sexual desires to the penis. The blood vessels immediately react and become relaxed and so does the tissues inside the penis. As a result, of the signals, the blood flow to the penis is increased. The increased blood flow makes the tissues filled with blood and this causes erections.

When you are suffering from a cardiac disease which although can be of varying types, the blood flow to the penis is hampered causing difficulty in gaining erections despite having sexual thoughts. You can treat ED caused due to cardiac problems temporarily with the use of Kamagra oral jelly and Tadalista pills.

What are the various cardiovascular problems that can trigger ED?

Most of the problems relate to the weakening efficiency of the heart to supply enough blood to the penis tissues.

As a result, you may have no erections at all if the blood flow is severely weakened or get something called soft erections which is not exactly as hard for penetration.

The various types of cardiac disorders that might lead to erection problems are-

  • Artherosclerosis
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Weakness or some disease in the heart tissues
  • The reduced blood pumping capacity of the heart
  • Slow heartbeat resulting in lesser blood supply
  • Problems in the arteries connecting the heart and penis such as being damaged, constricted, etc.

Does it mean that if you have heart disease you will have ED problems too?

The presence of cardiac problems does not mean that you are destined to have ED problems. But it does increase the chances of the latter.

See, there are a lot of factors that are dependent on this. This includes the age of the person. When you get older the chances of ED increase by default. And on top of that if you are suffering from cardiac disorders then you are more prone to developing impotence.

It also depends on the type of disorder and the severity level of the disorder. You can

How to deal with ED caused due to heart diseases?

If you are already suffering from ED problems caused due to cardiac disorders then you have to take some adequate treatment.

For ED treatment you can use Kamagra jelly and tadalista for having erections. But always remember that medicines will not be able to cure your ED permanently unless you treat your cardiovascular problem.

You need to treat heart disease as soon as possible. You can inform your doctor that you also have a penis erection problem and seek better treatment options.

Safety precautions to follow

When you are suffering from heart diseases and ED at the same time there are some basic precautions to follow.

If you are highly addicted to some form of drugs or take alcohol daily then you have to reduce it immediately. Excessive alcohol drinking is not good for both penis erections and heart-related disorders.

You should also reduce or completely quit smoking. Smoking causes plaque formation on the inside of the blood vessels and the heart walls resulting in decreased blood supply to the penis thereby causing problems in hard erections.

Avoid any other activity that is not good for the heart.

You can involve in doing some basic exercises such as running and jogging for your heart and kegel and pelvic floor exercises for ED.

Drink lots of water and avoid richly prepared food items containing a lot of ghee, butter, and oil.

Can there be contraindications in medicines used for heart disease and ED treatment?

It could be that you are undergoing treatment for both ED and cardiac disorder simultaneously. There are a lot of medicines that might affect the treatment or the effect of other medicines.

Also, there could be some potential contraindications due to the interactions of the substances within the medicines.

There are certain nitrogen-containing compounds used as substances within the medicines for curing heart disorders that may contraindicate.

Some of those compounds are isosorbide mononitrate, isosorbide dinitrate, and nitroglycerine. These substances can interact with generic substances within the Tadalista, Kamagra oral jelly and super p force such as Sildenafil, tadalafil, and Vardenafil.

Can the opposite be true as well- ED causing heart disease?

With all these bring said you may develop the cardiac disease as well due to ED. This means that both ED and heart problems can be caused as a result of one another.

Your ED can sometimes be the indication of an underlying heart disorder that might have been dormant or you might not even have noticed the same all these years.

In both the cases of ED and heart disorder, you need to visit a doctor early and adapt to suitable treatment.

If you don’t start the treatment early both the problems can get severed over time as they are inter-related with one another.

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