Is a Non-Stick Kadai Safe to Use

Is a Non-Stick Kadai Safe to Use

Are you still using steel Kadai? Then it would be best if you switched over to non-stick Kadai because cooking food in it is healthier than cooking food in steel Kadai. The non-stick coating in a Kadai is made up of Teflon chemical, which is completely safe for cooking. You will get tastier food if you cook in non-stick cookware. If you use steel Kadai for cooking, then it absorbs lots of oil which are not healthy.

Benefits of Using a Non-Stick Kadai  

If you use Kadai, which is non-stick over steel Kadai, it has plenty of benefits like using less oil for cooking a healthier meal and many more. So the benefits of using non-stick cookware are –

  • It helps make unique dishes without a drop of oil – if you use non-stick cookware, it helps you enjoy the dish without consuming a single drop of oil. The cookware has a non-stick coating on a base aluminum material that restricts the food from sticking to the utensil while cooking.
  • Give you ease in cleaning – when you use other utensils, they absorb a lot of oil while you cook, which becomes difficult for you when you clean the utensil. But if you use non-stick cookware, then those utensils are designed so that it prevents the food from sticking; that type of cookware is called non-stick cookware. When there is no sticking of food in the utensil, it becomes easy for you to clean the utensil.
  • Scratch Resistant – the Kadai has a solid non-stick coating that makes the Kadai scratch resistant. You need to use the correct type of spoons while cooking in it. When you use steel or any other regular cooking spoon in a non-stick Kadai, it will spoil the utensil’s coating. For non-stick cookware, you should use non-stick spoons to maintain the layer of the utensil.
  • It looks stylish and modern – when you use steel or aluminum Kadai, their regular usage will make them look dull. On the other hand, if you use Kadai, which is non-stick, they have a dark greyish coating that helps them look stylish and gives a modern look in your kitchen.
  • Uniform distribution of heat – when you cook food faster to save fuel, then the uniform distribution of heat is essential. If you use non-stick cookware over regular cookware to cook food faster, it helps in even distribution of heat.

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