Infection Control with COVID19 Sanitizer

Infection Control with COVID19 Sanitizer
The pandemic COVID19 is responsible for business enterprises reconsidering the techniques used to achieve cleaner facilities. Louisville, Kentucky based Alpha Energy Solutions offers a potential solution for the growing need for COVID19 sanitizer in facilities. The fundamental truth of the issue is that the majority of facilities need sterile areas as a rule. Sadly it is easy to miss important stages in infection control. Alpha’s specialized commercial sanitizer service controls contact with dangerous viruses that enter facilities.

Coronavirus has proven to be a serious concern for people because many can not get the vaccine that is available. Facility managers have focused on ways to keep employees and customers safe in buildings and the use of a commercial sanitizer is of upmost importance. Studies continue to explore the effects of the virus. Nevertheless, researchers have established the disease is airborne and lives on surfaces.

Facilities often already have preventative measures in place to reduce infections. In truth, many commercial cleansers are not sufficient for commercial buildings. Shared areas are prone to viruses, bacteria, fungi. Furthermore, public locations demand tougher concentrations of cleaning solutions to eliminate harmful pathogens. Cleaning solutions, however, do not have to be harmful to people or the environment. COVID19 sanitizer options can be safe but also effective in killing viruses.

COVID19 sanitizer is a rapid and potentially beneficial measure against viruses. While COVID 19 sanitizer service could be on the horizon, companies must reduce the spread of viruses sooner than later.  At Alpha Energy Solutions, they can assist businesses to accomplish a Clinically Clean® facility. They utilize SanitizeIT to reduce and eliminate harmful germs.

Each year people become ill with viruses during peak seasons such as the flu season. Other health issues that may affect individuals are allergies and sinuses. Due to building sickness, people may miss time from work. The loss of workforce in facilities causes productivity to decline and, ultimately, profitability. Keeping up with commercial sanitizer activities ensures that the spread of illness is reduced.

A Commercial Sanitizer kills Viruses on Common Surfaces

Viruses live on doorknobs, in break rooms, in bathrooms, and on office equipment. Viruses enjoy flourishing in intense traffic areas and places where moisture is apparent. Pathogens such as listeria, flu, E. coli, and together staph linger on surfaces for an incredibly long time, thus producing the infection. Alpha’s solution properly attacks viruses while killing a remarkable number of dangerous microorganisms.

Air Handlers and COVID19 Sanitizer

HVAC equipment can be used as a defense against viruses. While it is true that HVAC systems are used primarily for temperature control, they are also crucial in providing clean air quality. Sanitize IT can be used on heating and cooling systems and components to kill viruses and stop mold and mildew growth.

Alpha’s clients are pleased to learn that the formula we deliver might be used as a prospective coronavirus sanitizer. Our option is non-corrosive and can be used on a wide range of devices, including electronics.  Sanitize IT is applied to spaces and surfaces with a mounted dispenser that delivers a light mist consisting of a gentle solution.

Interested in having your facility sanitized? Contact Alpha Energy Solutions to learn more about their services.

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