Improving the Scheduling Experience for Operating Rooms

Improving the Scheduling Experience for Operating Rooms
In the modern era, it is important for everyone to prioritize customer service, including medical centers. One of the biggest challenges medical centers face is finding ways to make it easier for patients to schedule appointments, including operating rooms. Right now, there are a lot of hospitals that are starting to open back up again to elective procedures. Even though it is a good thing that a lot of people are getting vaccinated, there are a lot of challenges that hospitals are going to face because the virus is still very much with us. Therefore, what are a few of the things hospitals can do when it comes to improving patient experience? There are several ways to make scheduling easier.

Schedule Far in Advance

One of the first things hospitals need to do is take steps to schedule as far in advance as possible. The farther in advance hospitals schedule patience, the less of a chance the patient is going to cancel. That is because patients will also have a lot of time to clear their schedule for whatever operation they require. Hospitals should take a look at how far in advance they are currently scheduling their patience. Then, hospital systems need to see if there is a way they can schedule patients are there out. This could go a long way toward improving the patient experience.

Take Steps To Improve Operating Room Turnover

Next, hospitals also need to try to take steps to improve turnover in the operating room. One of the biggest reasons why hospitals have a hard time getting all of their surgeries in has to do with the operating room turnover rate. There are some hospitals that waste an hour turning over an operating room before the next procedure can arrive. Hospitals may want to take steps to reduce this time. For example, hospitals may want to consider putting patients to sleep outside of the operating room instead of in the operating room. This can free up a lot of valuable operating room time, allowing the hospital to get more procedures in during the day.

Improving operating room cleaning efficiency | HFM

Assess Cleaning Practices

It is also a good idea for hospitals to take a closer look at their cleaning practices. In a lot of centers, hospitals have simply added coronavirus sterilization practices on top of everything else they are currently doing. There might be a way to wrap all of these procedures into the same cleaning standard. That way, it may be possible for hospitals to clean operating rooms more quickly. If hospitals can clean operating rooms more quickly, they may be able to fit in more procedures during the day. This can go a long way toward helping hospitals get the most out of their operating rooms.

Use the Right Software

Finally, hospitals also have to invest in strong software programs that can help them schedule patients quickly and efficiently for operating rooms. For example, a lot of medical centers have already had a lot of success using iQueue for Operating Rooms. It is important for hospitals to use a software program to help them schedule patients because this can expedite a lot of their scheduling processes. If hospitals can automate the scheduling process, they can make it easier for doctors, administrators, and patients to understand what is going on regarding the operating room schedule. There are a lot of software programs out there, so hospitals need to make sure they find the right one to meet their needs.

Take Steps To Improve the Patient Experience

Ultimately, these are just a few of the many steps that hospitals can take to make it easier to schedule their patients. If hospitals are able to schedule patients quickly, efficiently, and accurately, they can reduce the number of appointments that get canceled. That way, hospitals do not have to worry about wasting valuable operating room time. Right now, there are a lot of hospitals that are still struggling to find a way to make ends meet. One of the ways to do that is to make it easier for patients to schedule their appointments. By investing in the right software program, hospitals can get more out of their operating room hours.

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