Hair Transplant And Hair Implant Procedures

Hair Transplant And Hair Implant Procedures
By the prevalence of hair restoration procedures, some terms related to the treatments have become a little confusing. Hair implants and hair transplants are often used as synonyms; although it is common to refer a hair transplant procedure as hair implantation, the term “hair implant” also means synthetic, artificial hair.

Hair implants are artificially made hair to look like a natural hair to be used in hair restoration procedures while hair transplant means restoring the fallen hair by using patient’s own natural hair collected from a resistant part of the body. Since these two are actually different procedures, their target groups, advantages and disadvantages differ in a huge rate.

Why hair implant procedure is not popular anymore?

Hair implants are very rarely used for hair restoration procedures with the emerge of the advanced hair transplant techniques. There are many reasons why hair transplants turkey are not preferred by practitioners and patients today.

First of all, implants are artificial substances; although they are produced to be biocompatible, they may cause reactions in sensitive and allergic individuals. These reverse reactions can occur during or after the procedure and it is usually hard to foresee them. Implants are also more prone to cause for infections due to their artificial structure.

It is very hard to achieve a natural look with hair implants; they can be produced in different colors, shapes and length to achieve a desired look but their appearance still cannot be compared to natural hair. The results are more similar to wig or toupee.

Implants are not able to grow like original hair; once they are inserted, they should not be cut or shaved since they will not grow again. Patients who have them should use the same hair style for a long time to maintain their implants. On the other hand, as the time goes by, hair implant can fall down by itself and it needs to be replaced with a new one in that case.

Who is a suitable candidate for hair implants?

Although there are many disadvantages of choosing implants for hair restoration, they can be beneficial in some hair loss conditions.

While in hair transplant the donor area carries a big importance and is determinant on the results; there is no need for a quality and abundant donor area for having hair implant procedure. The follicles are made artificially and the required number for the most desired results is not dependent on any other hairy part of the body.

Hair transplant procedures cannot treat completely bald scalps since there would not be any donor area to get follicles; but hair implants can be preferred by fully bald patients, too.

The possibility of limitless number of follicles is also beneficial to obtain the ideal density; patients who would like to have a denser hair but does not have a sufficient donor part can opt for implants instead of hair transplants.

Although hair implant procedure can give satisfactory results to a small proportion of people, developing techniques of hair transplant have so much more to offer patients. Mono Clinic  provides patients with the latest hair transplant techniques for hair, beard, moustache, eyebrows and sideburns transplants; experienced medical consultants are ready to reply all questions in an online consultation.

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