Going to A Holistic Rehab in Denver

Going to A Holistic Rehab in Denver

What is a Holistic Rehab?

When you are struggling with drugs and alcohol, detoxification is not just about expelling the unwanted substances from your bloodstream. Yes, it is important to receive proper medication and clinically proven care. However, it is also critical to note that a rehabilitation experience must be multifaceted and varied in experience. You can always learn more about substance abuse to ask yourself if you may fall into the category of someone who needs help at a holistic rehab. Therefore a holistic rehab may be the perfect answer to your substance and alcohol struggles because holistic care helps the whole human being.

When you have a headache, are you defined by the struggles your head is feeling? If you have endometriosis, are you defined by the difficulties you are experiencing with your uterus? Have you ever met anyone with a life-threatening disease who only wants to be known for the disease they are fighting? We recognize that people are multi-layered and encompass all sorts of physical and emotional elements. Therefore we understand holism inherently without realizing it.

Just as your stubbed toe does not solely define you, you know you must continue to treat the health of the rest of your body just because your toe is in pain. It is important to remember your whole body at all times, and holistic care can provide that assistance. The respite that the part of your brain is experiencing by liberating itself from addiction is not the only area of your brain that needs attending to. Holistic care, by focusing on the multifaceted nature of your mental health process, will address your addiction needs while also attending to your mental health issues, you spiritual health and your psychological well-being.


Why Denver, Colorado?

Colorado is known as the home of the Rocky Mountains: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocky_Mountains. Scientists, for hundreds of years, have attested to the critical importance of communing with nature as a human being. Emotional care can be significantly buttressed and supported by existing in a place and space that is spiritually connected to the earth. Denver can provide that as Colorado is the home of some of the most beautiful mountains you will ever witness in your life. Additionally, Denver is a massive city, one of the largest in the United States of America.

Therefore when looking for a social group to help you with the aftercare necessary to convalesce, Denver is a place that will have treatment groups that are incredibly diverse. Are you a retired soldier? You will find an area teeming with military bases full of supportive like-minded individuals who may have stories that complement yours. When you are working in your small groups to achieve your rehabilitation goals, it is key to find people who can relate to your stories, and Denver is a large and diverse enough city that you are sure to find people with similar experiences, backgrounds and most importantly, the same comorbidity.

Denver is colloquially known as the Mile High City because its elevation is approximately one mile. This is a city nestled in the heart of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It is the perfect place to convalesce and heal without distractions. It also boasts skiing, hiking, camping, kayaking, climbing and many other outdoor activities that will contribute to a holistic healing experience. Walking the many outdoor trails, experiencing the large and vibrant Mexican community, attending one of its many cattle-themed festivals? These are the things you can do while rehabilitating in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

Rehabilitating in Denver

In the early 1900s, Denver was known as an important site for what would be called the City Beautiful movement. From the 1890s to the 1910s, cities across America expanded their land holdings to create open public outdoor spaces. Thus, the over 200 parks that you can find in Denver began to coalesce, creating a massive network of beautiful outdoor spaces that are key to holistic healing as they dot the gorgeous mountain range. There is even a 314-acre park!

There are almost 30 recreational centers designed to help residents rest and relax that coexist alongside the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens. Numerous prominent landscape architects have lent their expertise to the beauty of the Denver landscape, in an attempt to make sure the City Beautiful movement remained vital in the state. Therefore when seeking a holistic rehabilitation, Denver is an excellent place to convalesce. Your holistic rehabilitation experience will contain both licensed medical interventions and also non-Western traditional healing practices, and Denver is the kind of place where you can find the support you need along various different oeuvres.

Holistic treatment helps with the mentally and physically challenging process of beating substance abuse issues. The emotional and psychological challenges that you will encounter are best supported by holism, which Denver is exceptionally good at, given its rich history as a medical hub in the Rocky Mountains. It just makes sense that Crocs, the most comfortable shoes on earth, were invented in Denver, Colorado. Any holistic rehab Denver offers will be very high quality. This is a city that knows how to work hard, play hard and also rest and relax at the highest level.

The Celestial Seasonings tea company was also founded in Denver. Slip your feet into a comfortable pair of Crocs and pour yourself a flavorful cup of tea. Go outside and look at the mountain range enveloping you as you prepare for your yoga class, acupuncture and Pilates. Your outpatient programs and other structured experiences will be best supported by a place like Denver that offers after care with multiple avenues for support. Therefore when thinking of a place that has the types of therapy you will need to convalesce brilliantly, Denver is the perfect place.

Holistic rehab is about receiving all-round care that boasts an elasticity so it can attend to the needs of multiple different types of people. Denver has such a diverse array of experiences as a city that that diversity lends itself to an adroit medical professional culture. Such a culture is the perfect location for a rehabilitation center that focuses on holism, as these will be the people who can assist you in achieving your goals as you detoxify your body and continue on your path to finding your best self. Consider Denver for that journey!