Ensuring Your Home Is A Safe Environment For Recovery

Ensuring Your Home Is A Safe Environment For Recovery
Many people are utilizing this unparalleled time to enrich and renew their lifestyles, adopting healthier habits, learning new skills or knowledge, and much more. This might be easy for those who aren’t suffering any substance abuse disorders, but for those who are, this sudden excess of time can seem overwhelming.

Here are some imperative ways to make sure your home or living situation is a healthy environment that can nurture recovery, whether you’re starting or continuing. We’ll call them the three P’s of recovery: Preparation, Processing and Positivity.


I’ve had friends and family suffer the horrific affliction that is addiction and have supported them through various forms of rehab in the greater New England area as well as currently supporting some friends currently in sober houses in MA. I’ve borne witness to how an inpatient program has been formulated to look after both the physical and mental health of addicts, and can offer some advice I’ve been given by professionals who work in these centers.

While this might be seemingly obvious advice, ensuring the space you’re occupying is free from addictive substances, paraphernalia and any reminders or references is absolutely imperative to recovery. All these things can act as triggers and can start the great leaps your brain will go through to justify a relapse.


Perhaps the scariest part of recovery for many people with addiction problems is the torrent of emotion that comes up in the recovery process. The wave of feelings that come back when one does become sober can leave some people feeling like their drowning, and facing these thoughts and emotions is another integral part of the recovery process.

Having loving and caring people around you is therefore of the utmost importance in handling this process. Being able to call upon a friend or family member can save you from one of the most common causes of relapses, so never be afraid to reach out. It’s of course ideal to have people that can support you but not always the case, many people have broken these connections and will need to reach out to government organizations which can offer phone line support.


Easier said than done! Staying positive can be difficult even at the best of times, but is achievable through a variety of activities. Daily exercises including yoga and meditation can be a great way to recover and keep your health, supplemented with healthy food and healthy sleeping patterns, many people will find this can feel as good if not better than any drug can achieve.

Another defining factor in positivity is a sense of fulfilment, learning something new whether it be a skill or a hobby can also aid in a positive outlook and can give a sense of fulfilment that perhaps was a missing element in your life.


Of course, remember to give yourself breaks and leeway with your activities, giving yourself time to come to terms with all these changes can be a defining factor in your ongoing recovery. Enrich your life with beautiful new habits and thoughts to replace previously toxic patterns, and learn to love yourself for who you are and what you’re capable of.

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