Confused About How to Carry the Vape On the Go

Confused About How to Carry the Vape On the Go
Are you also thinking of the safety precautions that should be taken while carrying the vape while traveling? What if the vape leaks or explodes inside the pocket? Continue reading to find the easy, accessible, and comfortable tips for carrying the vapes.

Check your Preference of Carrying a Vape

The most common way of slipping the vape products such as vape mod, disposable vapes, or pod system is the pocket. A Jeans pocket, jacket, or blazer is considered the most accessible place to carry the vape device. And this could be because of the discomfort of taking the bag or pouch while traveling and take it out to use instantly. But the disadvantage of carrying these devices in the pocket is the accidental breaking of the vape parts, automatic dialing of a button or other settings in the vape, leakage amid other various issues. But, these instances are rare if you are wearing the pant with a right-sized pocket or ensure not to sit on the vape.

If you are traveling to a colder climate area, consider carrying the vape pens inside your jacket, sweater, or blazer pocket, the outermost one. It is the most convenient way to whip it out and enjoy vaping. The back pocket of jeans and pants is also the common idea of carrying vape devices. But, be careful not to unintentionally sit on the vape pods.

While you are carrying the vape device in your bag, ensure to have a separate dedicated pouch or pocket, such as the bottle rack in your bag to store the vape instruments. Small devices, such as disposable vape pen can be comfortably carried even in your wallet. Alternatively, you can buy fancy vape pouches from the market to carry them inside your bag or make one at home. Taking the vaping product inside the bag helps to avoid the leakage and spoiling of other stuff you pack in the bag.

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Vape pouches are the best way to store the vape pen, tan, and juice bottle together at all times. The pouches will have the designated place to organize each part of the vape device to prevent any damages, scratches, or accidental breaking of the vape products.  The pouch can be used to carry the accessories, including the charger, e-juice bottle, additional tanks, and wires.  Pouches are the best to prevent mishap of ruining you vape devices when not in use.

Another best option to consider is the leather, fabric, knitted neck pouches. The vape device could be stored comfortably in the neck pouch. The best part is that you can customize and self-designed your neck pouches and use them according to the dress you wear. The benefit of using the neck pouches – you can vape on the go even without taking it out from the pouch. Does it sound cool?

Belt pouches are also used to carry vape devices if you are a person who likes wearing a belt. It comes with a sturdy flab to fasten the vape and some extra space for storing the charger, spare batteries, and a small bottle of refill juice.

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