All About Inmode Triton – A Revolution in Laser Hair Removal

All About Inmode Triton – A Revolution in Laser Hair Removal
No women in this world want the annoying unwanted hair growing on the body; almost everyone hates the embarrassing hair follicle and goes for waxing and shaving to get rid of them. Today 80 million women spend over $500 million on shaving, waxing, and hair removal options. This market might increase in practice revenues by offering patients fast, safe, and easiest methods of hair removal treatments.

In that sense, laser hair removal treatment is the most desired aesthetic procedure liked by most women and men over any other hair removal method. But most laser devices are insufficient to provide desired results due to the inability and limitation of machines that don’t work for some skin and hair type which needs to be further improved.Thus, by taking all of these things into consideration, world-class cosmetic medical pioneer Inmode introduced Triton – the world’s first multi-wavelength hair removal workstation that uses fusion technology by the combination of three major wavelengths in one platform, making the desired results possible for people with all skin types.

Generally, laser devices are optimized with reduced power and increased pulse width in a way to avoid post consequences of the laser treatment. Triton is designed and developed in a way to break this limitation which allows you to optimize power and performance based on the different stages of a hair follicle and its parameters and work accordingly with greater results in a short period. It comes with two major outlets, specifically designed for light skin types as well as dark skins to give customized treatments irrespective of their skin and hair features.

Stick till the end of this article to know more about Triton – Best Laser Hair Removal Device and its revolution in laser hair removal treatment and what it can do for you!

TRITON- A Revolution in Laser Hair Removal

Triton is the world’s first multi-wavelength workstation that combines three major wavelengths in one platform using Fusion Technology that works on all skin tones and types. Especially the mosaic combination of wavelengths addresses hair removal at different stages of the hair growth cycle which in turn helps to remove deep hairs as well as the emerging hair follicles from the core. Apart from this, the laser device is also specifically designed to optimize power, speed, and results which address the needs of all patients in a reduced time. It is powerful enough to target even the thickest hair follicle in the darker region and still gives unbelievable results.

The gold standard wavelength allows the optimization of pulse and power as per the skin type for customized laser treatment that’s capable of targeting the thickest hair. The device is built in a strong built-in cooling technology to give the utmost comfortable treatment to the patient, so there will be no pain or irritation throughout the entire session. Unlike many traditional methods of hair removing such as waxing, shaving, bleaching, or using depilatory creams treating with Triton laser hair removal directly penetrates the core of the hair roots and work from there to give a permanent solution rather than a temporary one that brings no value in few days. Therefore, the desired results can be achieved within a shorter period than too with a few sessions. Moreover, Triton is the only FDA-cleared device that works with multiple wavelengths in a hair removal machine. The major technological advancement of Triton is its two types of outlets Triton Duo light and Triton Duo dark.

The Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal | SELF

Triton Duo dark

Triton Duo Light is an outlet of Triton specially designed to treat dark-skin and tanned patients for their range of hair removal problems in all thicknesses. It utilizes 810 nm and 1064 nm Diode and ND: YAG to precisely render any area of the body smooth and hairless. The device is highly effective with high peak power and is extremely safe to use on darker skin tones up to skin type VI. The powerful Duo Dark laser emits maximum wavelength with the highest intensity on a large treatment area without compromising efficiency.

Triton Duo light

Triton Duo Light is an outlet of Triton specially designed to treat light-skin patients for a range of hair removal. The device emits a unique blend of three wavelengths simultaneous multi-wavelength technology with 755nm Alexandrite and 810nm Diode to remove hair in a customizable fashion. The device itself was built in a way to treat hair at various thicknesses for the skin tone ranged from I to III.

How Does Triton Work?

Triton works by the combination of multiple wavelengths including diode, alexandrite, or yag to pass them through the skin targeting the hair follicles during the treatments. The laser beams entering into the target area penetrate energy based on the skin type and thickness of the hair to heat the root of the hair follicle and treat them there to prevent future hair growth. Thus within four to six sessions, the target Hair can be reduced completely to treat larger body areas or small sensitive areas, bikini line on concern thickness of the hair.

  • Light hair on the skin
  • Dark hair on the skin
  • Fine or coarse hair present
  • Medium complexion and thickness
  • Stubborn hair
Being the world’s first multi-wavelength workstation, the powerful fusion technology combines the three most popular wavelengths in one platform to address up to skin type V and hairs of various thicknesses.

To Sum Up

Getting smoother and soft skin without any unwanted hair is a dream for many women, which is possible now with Triton laser hair removal. Since the device is FDA approved, it is so far the safest laser device that treats the widest range of hair removal concerns in a fast & effective manner for almost all skin tones and typed patients. So if you’re an aesthetic provider and needs to deliver customized hair removal solution for your patients Triton is the only hair removal workstation you need. Get this device now from the top medical equipment provider in UAE- Dansys.

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