6 Ways of Having a Good Vaginal Health

6 Ways of Having a Good Vaginal Health
Every woman needs to be concerned about the health of their vagina. Although it depends on a woman’s age, the vagina has an acidic pH, containing beneficial bacteria, which helps to fend off every infection.

Usually, a healthy vagina produces a small amount of discharge. While a few women may not be aware of this, others may notice anywhere up to a tablespoon or teaspoon of discharge every day. Whether you have vulvar or pelvic discomfort, you should examine every change. Beyond that, you will also have to consider the below ways to maintain the health of your vagina:

Engage in a Safer Sex

Some viruses and bacteria may get into the vagina while having sex. These may include bugs, which cause HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and genital wards, just to name a few.

To protect yourself against these infections, you may use a condom each time you engage in sex.

Consider Vaginal Steaming

Basically, vaginal steaming encompasses sitting over a steaming pot of water, which has herbs. Vaginal steaming is also a natural remedy people use to clean female reproductive organs, including the uterus and cervix. Possible steam herbs might include mugwort, chamomile, wormwood, basil, and rosemary.

Some individuals try v steam herbs at their homes, though you can also get them at spas. Professionals at Leiamoon suggests that you can infuse old-aged techniques of vaginal steaming with modern treatments that incorporate most of the same procedures comfortably.

Avoid Douching

Douching gets rid of healthy bacteria that change pH, making you vulnerable to infection. Every woman’s genitalia smells differently, and there’re natural ways of affecting a personal scent, including changing your diet.

Things such as pineapple may make vaginas smell or taste sweeter, whereas asparagus may have a totally different effect. However, if you must clean your vulva and vagina, be sure to use a non-scented product and only wash your labia majora.

Schedule Regular Screenings

It’s important to stay current with the health screenings and book an appointment with your gynecologist for a routine checkup.

Vaginal Health

Keep in mind that screening intervals for pap smears change depending on your age. For younger women, HPV vaccination is vital to reduce the risks of getting cervical cancer.

Exercise Regularly

Taking part in an exercise makes a vaginal area sweat, though every woman is different.

For instance, women having too much pubic hair may sweat a lot and might have to pay attention to that area during a post-workout shower.

Use Cotton Underwear

Good old cotton will allow your vagina to breathe. Plain white cotton underwear, which is not very light, is recommendable since dyes in clothing may irritate sensitive tissues in your vaginal area. If your underwear gets wet, ensure you change it. This is because the wetness may result in yeast infections.

During at night, also avoid putting on your underwear. This may help your vagina and vulva be free of moisture.

The Bottom Line!

Similar to menstruation, vaginal health is a taboo topic, in countries, like India. Most women up to now avoid sharing ideas on how they can maintain their feminine hygiene.

Though it’s important to maintain the hygiene of your vagina so as to keep your reproductive tract healthy and genital clean. To achieve this, you can consider the above ways.

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