5 Ways To Stay Safe From Mosquitoes This Season

5 Ways To Stay Safe From Mosquitoes This Season
Mosquitoes are fond of buzzing around warm climates and notorious for their bites. Many of them carry diseases like the West Nile virus, which can make you very ill, especially if you’re a senior. The virus is common in some birds which are seasonal. When the mosquitoes bite the birds, they get infected and thus transfer the illness to human beings. Vulnerable to dealing with mosquitoes are retirement community areas with high humidity and hot weather.

Here are tips on how to keep off those pesky mosquitoes

Avoid Dark-Colored Or Skin-Revealing Clothes 

Research has shown that wearing some clothing makes you a mosquito’s easy target. When mosquitoes go on a hunt, red, navy, and black colors are easy to notice, and therefore you can easily be attacked. The bugs come out during the wee hours of the evening, and therefore if you can, try to stay indoors. But if you plan to be outside, make sure you’re on long-sleeved shirts and pants, so you expose less skin. Choose also bright colors like white, beige, or pastels.

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Damp The Stagnant Water Near Your Home

Standing water is quite a perfect breeding environment for mosquitoes. Any containers with water should be drained and disposed of immediately. Mosquito eggs can hatch within 7-10 days while in still water. Therefore, keeping off any containers that collect water will make the environment around your home dry and thus less conducive for mosquito breeding.

Insect Repellant

If you know you’ll be outside in an area prone to mosquitoes, you should apply a mosquito repellent. Spray the repellant on your clothes before you head out and ensure the repellant contains DEET registered with the US Environment protection agency. That way, you know you’re getting a product that will be effective.

Don’t Exercise In The Evening.

This is an unpopular observation, and it works like no other. Mosquitoes thrive well where there’s heat, sweat, and carbon dioxide. Evening hours are the mosquito peak hours, and thus, you should adjust your schedule to any other time. Regardless of how you’re moving, you’ll be bitten.

Try Sprays With Natural Ingredients.

You can fight off mosquito bites through some plant-based sprays. According to CDC, products with the oil of lemon eucalyptus are a natural remedy. You need to do some good research on mosquito-repellant products that have specific ingredients.

Keep Your Yard Trimmed.

When you’ve tall grass and bushes around your home, that’s a conducive environment for mosquitoes. You have to trim the high grass and tree limbs. Ensure that the more excellent areas in your home are perfectly trimmed and therefore no shadows around or appealing environment for the mosquitoes. Allow also for direct sunlight to your compound-this helps dry any wet spots. Again, you need to check out for the uneven terrain and fill such with topsoil. Left alone, the dips will collect any water and thus perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can be so notorious and are disease carriers. If you want to keep off such and ensure a healthy family, get assistance from a Good riddance Insect Repellant. That will keep the insects off, and thus you’ve a healthy family.


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