5 Ways To Slow Down And Enjoy The Present Moment

5 Ways To Slow Down And Enjoy The Present Moment
In the fast-paced rat race that is the world, with constant meetings and planning for the future up to months in advance, there is rarely ever time to just pause, take a moment for yourself, and breathe. But sometimes, it’s necessary to stop focussing on what’s going to happen next, and start appreciating the now.

Pause life for a second and take a minute to read this article so that you can start learning how to better enjoy the present.

1. Start Journaling Daily

Words have power. There is real strength that comes from putting pen to paper, but the true power comes from making this a daily habit. Start by settling down in a quiet space, whether that’s by the window, at your desk, or just your bedroom. Fill this space with your favourite things, like candles, music, a tea caddy, or anything else that you love. Buy a 2022 diary or even a desk pad if you’re writing at work, and start filling it with anything that you want. It could be song lyrics, musings of your mind, or even to-do lists. The beauty of having a journal is customising it entirely to what you want, and to your lifestyle. Whatever you choose to write about, be sure to check in with yourself and to slow your mind while writing and make this a real ritual in your daily life.

2. Write A Letter

There’s something inherently romantic and special about writing a letter. Nowadays, most people use email, texts or even phone calls to talk, but no one uses letters. Choosing to take the way of snail mail, the slow and traditional method of writing, either a letter or a postcard, or even a normal card, is a heartfelt way of letting someone know that you’re thinking about them. It shows them that you took time out of your day to put pen to paper and write them a message from your heart. It’s healing for both you, and for them.

3. Remember That It’s Okay To Rest

The number one problem with the modern day world is the fact that most of us feel as though we cannot take a break. The minute we aren’t doing anything, we feel unproductive, and like we’re wasting time. This is the most damaging thing both to our body, and to our mental health.

If you’re feeling tired, rundown, or even burnt out, you should start listening to your body and take a break. Start by spending some time for you and yourself by sleeping in, just hanging out by yourself to watch some television, order some takeaway, and do absolutely nothing if you need to. All of us need time and space to recharge every now and then. Don’t feel guilty if it means having to decline invitations because you’re not up for socialising right now. It’s okay to miss a few social gatherings every now and then.

The most important thing to remember is that your health comes first. Learning to listen to your body is a skill, and one that we need to hone.

How To Slow Down and Enjoy Life - The Simplicity Habit

4. Plan The Next Day

Take some time out of your day each night, or before you end the working day, to stop, pause, and reflect on the day that has gone by. Think of the good, of the bad, and what could have been improved on. Then think about what you want to achieve and accomplish the next day. Write it down and manifest it.

This habit will help you get more organised for the day to come. It will give your day structure and lower your stress levels. It even helps you to get a good night’s rest, especially when you know what your day looks like the next day. By putting everything in writing, you will get it out of your head and be able to curate a mindset that is calmer and more focussed on you rather than work.

5. Slow Down & Take Your Time

While this may seem obvious, and even simple, it’s actually harder than it seems. We know that we should do it, yet how often do we actually do it? How often do we take our time for simple tasks like enjoying a cup of coffee, or savouring dessert?

Let this be a reminder to slow down, to take a moment for yourself and remember that you’re here, right now, in this moment. Enjoy the warmth of life, and let something as simple as a cup of tea fill you up with joy.

Remember to slow down, to take your time, and really be in the present moment. We hope these five tips have helped you learn how to enjoy living in the moment and to appreciate the little things!