5 Reasons to Try CO2 Honey Oil

5 Reasons to Try CO2 Honey Oil
CO2 Honey Oil is a highly pure form of cannabis oil. The hash oil has a translucent amber coloration closely resembling honey and has the same sticky consistency. The oil is highly concentrated, containing 80% or higher levels of THC. The extraction process to create CO2 Honey Oil involves CO2 and butane.

How is CO2 Honey Oil Made?

It is made by packing the cannabis plant material into a glass test tube. At the one end is a screen affixed to the conduit and held over a crystal dish with butane and, in this case, carbon dioxide. It is inserted through the opposite end of the test tube. Then it’s heated up to release the cannabinoid with trichome-rich oil.

The oil drips out of the screened end of the tube into a glass bowl. Once completing this process, the oils purged using some heated water to remove the residue of the solvent to purify it. To use CO2 Honey Oil, you can use a vape pen or a dab rig to smoke it.

Simply put, it is a carbon dioxide formulation. However, why will you fall in love with this full-spectrum oil?


With CO2 Honey Oil, you can use it conveniently without any compromise. It is an easy way to deliver high-potency marijuana while still staying close to the source material.

Enjoy a Reliable Experience

The CO2 Honey Oil evenly heats up using a ceramic plate on the dab rig to give you a highlighted and consistent uplifting experience with each puff.

The Flavor is Authentic

The natural terpenes from the cannabis plant are first extracted and re-introduced after completing the process. Therefore, you get a final oil taste with a smell directly from the source plant. Neither does it contain Polyethylene Glycol, MCT, Vitamin E, Propylene Glycol, or any other filler.

It Has Undergone Thorough Lab-Testing

When producing CO2, Honey Oil goes through different lab-testing throughout the production to make sure the final product is of state standards that are pesticide-free and safe to use.

The Process Starts with Great Plants

The final form you buy the cannabis product is of quality standards. The final product is made only with the finest quality raw materials safe to consume.

Cannabis Consumers Love It

While the above reasons are the main ones, the CO2 Honey Oil has THC and CBE providing you with calming effects. Furthermore, it is easy to use, and you can find it available in pre-filled vaping cartridges to use. You can experience relaxation like never before without any hassles.

CO2 Honey Oil is a full spectrum concentrate to guarantee a high-quality hash experience and give you the same effect as smoking the marijuana flower. Moreover, it eliminates other chemical solvents as the CO2 extraction method is safer and pretty amazing.

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