Why Is Strength Important When You Are Running?

Why Is Strength Important When You Are Running?

It is quite a common misconception to believe that, when it comes to running all you need is just cardio. Yes, cardio is very important and without it no one would be able to run. However, cardio is not the only thing that can guarantee your victory.

No One Can Guarantee You Win

In general, there is absolutely nothing that will be able to guarantee that you are going to be winning a running game. Whether we are talking about just some sprint or an actual marathon. However, when it comes to a marathon, things are just a bit more complicated.

People don’t really understand that, strength training for half marathon might not be able to increase your chances of winning. However, unless you actually have strength training for ½ marathon you will not be able to win at all.

You Need to Strengthen Your Muscles

To put it as simple as possible try to understand the concept of strength training for a marathon like this. If you do cardio then that means that you can actually run for a very long time or, to put it simply, your heart can actually take a lot of stress. The more cardio you do in theory, the more you’re going to be able to run.

In a sprint or running small distances this would actually mean that, you’re going to run faster and a lot better. However, when it comes to marathon, from a certain point after you are going to realise that, it is not just your heart that plays an important role to your performance.

Your Heart Can Take It Back in Your Muscles?

Your body muscles are what is moving your body. Two boarding as it was possible even if you have done a lot of cardio, if you don’t have strong leg muscles then from a certain point after your lecture just going to give in

You know for a fact that can still run and if it depended on how much you can take that will be okay but right now, your muscles everything out. That is because they are not strong enough to continue carrying your body and running further long time.

You need to strengthen your muscles as well as your cardio in order for you to be able to successfully run a marathon. Make sure that you will keep that in mind and as you will start training today