What is Shilajit and how to Check its Purity?

What is Shilajit and how to Check its Purity?
Shilajit is a natural mineral substance that resembles a resin in its consistency. In nature, it occurs in hard-to-reach regions of the Himalayas, the Caucasus, the Tibetan Highlands and the Altai. It was the inhabitants of these regions who first discovered the properties of ” mountain tar “. It exhibits health-promoting properties that made it a permanent place in Indian medicine. Shilajit is used to treat fractures, kidney and liver diseases, and to improve the functioning of the circulatory system.

The substance by this name is actually a mixture of organic and inorganic compounds that accumulate in mountain rocks. It arises as a result of natural biological changes, which is why it is valued primarily by people who use ecological products.

Properties of Shilajit

The consistency of a thick, tarry mass with a specific smell, Shilajit is a substance containing less than thirty compounds and trace minerals, including resins, fatty acids, albumin, bioelements, enzymes, vitamins and inhibitors of many compounds. It contains large amounts of calcium, phosphorus and fulvic acids, important in the process of bone mineralization and the efficiency of the locomotor system. It can also be used in degenerative conditions and joint dislocation. It also indicate an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory effect on the body, which may be helpful in the treatment of diseases associated with disorders of the immune system. The adaptogenic properties of this agent also make it recommended in the chronic periodstress and fatigue. It affects the increased production of high-energy compounds in the body and improves physical endurance.

Shilajit – a Himalayan way to strengthen health

Shilajit works comprehensively and supports almost the entire body. The substance lowers blood sugar levels, thus protecting the circulatory system against serious diseases. This advantage is used primarily by people who are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of too much sugar in the blood.

Taking Shilajit for a long time may prove especially useful during the fall and winter months. The substance has a positive effect on the immune system, reducing the risk of infection. In the event of illness, we can also count on faster recovery and its less burdensome course.

Shilajit is also used to treat peptic ulcer disease. The ingredients it contains, including fulvic acid reduces the secretion of pepsin, which is an ingredient that irritates the stomach. It is one of the factors causing ulcer problems. Taking Shilajit regularly can reduce pain, vomiting and burning.

How to check if the Shilajit is pure?

Shilajit is a natural and organic substance. The pure Shilajit found in liquid form. You must ensure that Shilajit that you are consuming must be 100% pure. Here are some Shilajit test to check if the Shilajit is pure:

  • The real Shilajit is pliable, which means it would melt in your hands instead of getting in the shape of a hard rock. When you keep it in the refrigerator, it will become rockhard and will be shattered like a crtystal if you will try to break it. Otherwise, it fill liquefy from your body’s heat.
  • The real Shilajit don’t catch flames. If you will try to burn it, it will start melting and bubbles will start to appear and some ash will left behind, but will never catch fire.
  • The original and pure shilajit is 98% to 100% soluble. It does not leave any traces or insoluble substances. So, in order to check the purity of shilajit, just try to dissolve the shilajit in luke warm water and check if the shilajit dissolves completely or not.
So, these were some of the easy methods to test purity of Shilajit without even using any scientific or medical test. Shilajit is great medicine and daily consumable substance to live long and healthy

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