What Is Functional Medicine And Why It May Work For You

What Is Functional Medicine And Why It May Work For You
What is functional medicine? In this article, let’s talk about what it is and what makes it unique.

Functional medicine is a patient-centred and customised approach that allows patients and doctors to work together to cure the causes of specific diseases.

Functional medicine doctors can better understand the human body by addressing the cause of a disease rather than the symptoms. In other words, functional medicine also promotes overall well-being.

If you want to learn more about how functional medicine might help you, keep reading!

Here Are Some Of The Principles Of Functional Medicine:

  1. Everyone is unique. With this in mind, functional medicine clinics take an individualised approach, focusing on the patient rather than the condition. Rather than addressing the issues directly, functional medicine practitioners look for ways for the body’s own healing mechanisms to fix the issue.
  2. Within our bodies, there is a network of relationships, like countless webs that connect us in different ways. Functional medicine practitioners have a better understanding of the body by knowing these relationships.
  3. The human body has the ability to regulate. Your body contains millions of systems that maintain a balance.

What Makes Functional Medicine Unique?

Functional medicine has a holistic approach to understanding who you are, understanding that each individual is unique and should have a treatment plan customised according to their specific needs.

Instead of identifying which treatment would heal a condition, doctors at functional medicine clinics explain why you have an issue in the first place and work to repair what is no longer working in your body.

What Is A Functional Medicine Doctor’s Role?

To understand the root of a condition, functional medicine experts ask about your medical history. They usually spend more time with you than GPs. They collect detailed information on the condition as well as your lifestyle.

Functional Medicine Introduces a Smarter Approach to Health Care: All Functional Health: Functional Medicine

A functional medicine physician may ask about:

  • symptoms
  • your sleeping patterns
  • programs for exercise
  • nourishment.
They develop a treatment plan to address the elements that may be causing chronic diseases. Prescription medication, vitamins, and other forms of treatment may be included. For more information, you may go to the website of Therapy Works.

Conditions That May Be Treated With Functional Medicine

According to the Australian Government – Department of Health, “musculoskeletal conditions are a major cause of chronic pain and disability in Australia.”

People suffering from a variety of musculoskeletal health conditions may benefit from functional medicine. The following are some of the most prevalent conditions that functional medicine may help with:

  • neck pain
  • back ache
  • nerve pain
  • arthritis and joint pain
  • a variety of chronic health issues.

To Sum It Up…

Functional medicine is a personalised approach to healthcare that focuses on the prevention, management, and underlying causes of a chronic disease.

The ultimate goal of this approach is to heal diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle. A healthy life is filled with energy, joy, and balance. This means that these doctors are concerned about your overall well-being instead of just curing a disease.