Top 7 Benefits of Using a Sauna Suit for Weight Loss

Top 7 Benefits of Using a Sauna Suit for Weight Loss
A sauna suit is basically a tracksuit made of waterproof material that retains your body heat and sweat as your exercise while wearing it. As you work out, heat and perspiration accumulate within the suit.

A study in 2018 found that exercising in a sauna suit increases physiological strain and causes more sweat loss. These circumstances can result in dehydration and heat-related sickness, so you should be careful while using them for longer-duration workouts.

What is a Suana Suit Made of?

At the start, the sauna suit was also known as “rubber suit” because they were made up of rubber-type waterproof material. Today, a sauna suit is made up of nylon coated or PVC cloth.

The layout is often that of a waterproof sweatsuit, with a pullover jacket and drawstring pants. Elasticated waist, neck, wrist, and ankle closures help to trap body heat and moisture within the garment. In certain sauna suits, the jacket additionally has a hood to help retain body heat.

Is Sauna Suit Effective For Weight Loss?

Sauna suit stayed popular amongst wrestlers to lose weight rapidly through water weight loss due to excessive perspiration. You can find a range of waterproof suits in the market that claim that they help in weight loss and detoxification due to sweat.

Working out while wearing a sauna suit would not directly influence weight loss. However, it would enhance endurance by amplifying your workouts for better outcomes in a variety of ways. It would also elevate your body temperature, allowing you to burn more calories and improving your mental and physical resilience.

The Research

Used for decades by athletes and weight trainers, sauna suits are now receiving the respect they deserve in the scientific world. One of the most recent investigations was conducted by a team led by Dr. Lance Dalleck of Western State Colorado University to see if the sauna suit had any significant advantages for weight loss. What they unleashed was far more than they had anticipated.

They wanted to discover if there were any health benefits to exercising while wearing a sauna suit, so they conducted a study on a group of overweight or obese persons.

The sauna suit has been demonstrated to improve metabolism by up to 20.8 percent! Furthermore, those participants who used sauna suits lost more Weight than those who did not. Wearing the sauna suit resulted in a weight loss rise of up to 40.4 percent!

The advantages do not end there. Dr. Dalleck’s study also showed that the sauna suit could boost total energy expenditure and Excess Post Oxygen Consumption. In other words, when you remove the sauna suit, your body will become more efficient at burning calories for hours. According to Dr. Dalleck’s research, individuals burnt up to 13% more calories and had a greater EPOC, or calorie-burning rate, of up to 22%.

The non-profit ACE group further supported this study. ACE previously discovered that short-term sauna suit training increases heat acclimatization and endurance training. But what about non-athletes who do not have performance-related goals?

Will the average gym-goer looking to lose weight or enhance their fitness get any advantage from wearing a sauna suit during their workouts? Want to know more? Continue reading…

Aside from the fashion aspect, there is already concrete evidence that exercise combined with heat therapy improves cardiovascular health. What Dallek wonders now is, “Can portable heat stress in the form of a sauna suit beneficially impact health outcomes for overweight and obese exercisers?”

To discover, they enlisted the help of 45 overweight or obese people between the ages of 18 and 60 to take part in an eight-week fitness training program. The test individuals were all sedentary, with BMIs ranging from 24 to 40 kg/m and body fat percentages of more than 22 percent for males and more than 32 percent for women, with no history of metabolic or cardiovascular illness.

The participants were randomly assigned to three groups: control (do nothing), exercise only, or exercise plus sauna suit. The latter two followed the same fitness routine. Furthermore, they took no dietary adjustments.

Both the sauna suit and exercise alone groups experienced substantial reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and total cholesterol at the end of the research, as well as a considerable decrease all around waistline.

The Results

With not much surprise, though, the sauna suit group improved their VO2max by 11.7 percent, whereas the only exercise group improved by 7.3 percent. Because VO2max is the best predictor of cardiovascular endurance, this is a major deal if you care about your cardio fitness.

This simply means that wearing the sauna suit increased physical fitness and health more than doing the same quantity and intensity of exercise without one.

In addition, the sauna suit group lost 2.6 percent of their body weight, compared to 0.9 percent in the exercise alone group. Then there is this: the sauna suit group lost 13.8 percent of their body fat, whereas the alone exercise group lost only 8.3 percent.

Other advantages the sauna suit group had over the exercise alone group included:

  • Fasting blood glucose levels are lower (7.7 percent vs. 2.1 percent reduction)
  • Resting metabolic rate is higher (an 11.4 percent improvement vs. a 2.7 percent decrease)
  • Fat oxidation is increased (3.8 percent increase vs. 2.6 percent decrease).
It is pretty impressive to know that the workouts were just 45 minutes at moderate level three times a week and 30 minutes at high intensity two times a week. Keep in mind that this study did not include long-duration or HIIT workouts, and there were no diabetics among the participants.

How Much Weight Can Sauna Suits Help You Lose Safely?

Considering the results from Dr. Dalleck’s study, the most important conclusion is that it provides scientific data to support the idea that exercising in a sauna suit increases metabolism by 20.8 percent*.

It accelerates weight reduction by 40.4 percent * when compared to exercising in identical settings without wearing a suit.

Suppose an individual routinely conducted a weekly conventional exercise regimen consisting of two high-intensity exercise sessions mixed with three sessions of moderate-intensity activity. In that case, the following effects may be expected if a sauna suit is worn:

There would be an approx. 2-pound weight decrease per week.

Each month, you would burn 1,000 more calories. Each year, 12,000 more calories would be burned, equating to approx. 4 pounds of fat mass.

There were a total of 48 exercise sessions, which included both moderate and vigorous-intensity workouts. There were no adverse side effects, and all physiological responses were within acceptable limits. Likewise, exercise while wearing a DMoose Sauna Suit has proven to be more efficient as well as safe.


DMoose Suana Suit will help you lose weight faster, improve your blood circulation, boost your metabolism while keeping you cozy in winters and cool in summers. It helps your body to release detoxification through sweat glands letting your body gain energy and boost performance.

Top 7 Benefits of Using a Suana Suit

So, let us get back to the main title and discuss the top seven benefits of using sauna belts to drench you in sweat and augment your workout performance and results.

1.  It Helps you Lose Weight.

Exercising While Wearing A Suana Suit

A sauna suit, like infrared sauna advantages, can help you get in the best shape. It helps you to lose weight faster, especially when combined with a daily workout. It enhances the exercise’s afterburn impact. A sauna suit boosts your body temperature and speeds up your metabolism. It can also help you lose weight by reducing your water weight.

2.  It Reduces Muscle Tension.


It is normal to feel sore after a workout. From many other benefits, sauna suits also aid in improving post-workout recovery. It reduces pain in your joints and muscles and allows your body to transport more oxygen which helps the muscles recover faster.

3. It Helps you Get Rid of Toxins.

Wearing a sauna suit accelerates perspiration in the same way as outdoor saunas do. When you sweat, you are not just eliminating water from your body but also removing toxins. Your pores will open, allowing pollutants to leave your body.

4. It Makes you Feel More Relaxed.

Another great reason to wear a sauna suit is working out in chilly weather, especially outside. It raises your body temperature, making it easier for you to cope with the cold weather. The waterproof sauna suit will provide you with a warm shell to protect you from the winter.

5. It Promotes Circulation.

Working out in a sauna suit allows blood to rush to the surface of your skin. Circulation improves when blood arteries dilate. Improved circulation will aid your extremities, particularly the mobility of your joints.

6. It Aids in Recovery.

Woman working out in the sun.


One of the finest sauna suit advantages is that it improves muscle and joint repair. This can also be attributed to improved blood circulation. It aids the body in the clearance of lactic acid build-up, allowing aching muscles to recover faster.

7. It Enhances Immunity.

The usage of a sauna suit regularly can help boost your immune system’s defenses. It is a fantastic approach to prevent colds and flu by staving off infection. This might be due to a sauna suit eliminating toxins from the body that can harm your immune system.

8. It Helps to Boosts the Intensity of your Workout.


Wearing a sauna suit will take your workout to the next level and make it more difficult. It will raise your body temperature, similar to the hot tub health advantages. As your heart beats quicker, your workout will become more challenging.

Final Thoughts

Sauna suits have been discussed between athletes and gym-goers to reap benefits for weight loss and detoxification. Lately, it has also become popular amongst scientists and researchers and has helped enlist its benefits through research.

Sauna suits have been verified to enhance weight loss in people using them during their workout sessions. It also promotes circulation, enhances immunity, and helps to recover from workouts faster.

Besides, long-duration exercises in a sauna suit can cause hyperthermia and dehydration due to excessive sweating.


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