Top 6 Benefits of Using an Electric Wheelchair

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If your mobility depends majorly on the support of a wheelchair, it will be a great idea to switch from a manual wheelchair to an electric one. An electric wheelchair will give you the comfort you desire in your wheelchair along with the speed you need in your day to day mobility. It helps you skip the tiring process of manually operating the wheelchair or depending on others to drag it. Read this blog further to know what electric wheelchairs are and how they can benefit you in your ride.

What is an Electric Wheelchair?

As the name suggests, an electric wheelchair is a mobility vehicle that is run by a battery. The battery in almost all cases is rechargeable. The battery-powered motor helps in giving power to the wheels creating automatic momentum without the need for a manual touch. This is why electric wheelchairs are also called power wheelchairs.

With an electric wheelchair, you are no longer required to turn the wheels of your vehicle by hand or have a person push you through. You can enjoy the independence of your ride with just a switch and move around swiftly, without much effort. And the best perk is that electric wheelchairs come in great variety to help you adjust to any lifestyle choice, whether indoors or outdoors.

Benefits of Electric Wheelchair

There are many benefits of switching to an electric wheelchair:

Rider’s Freedom:

Using an electric wheelchair gives you the freedom to commute anywhere, for any amount of time. Unlike the manual wheelchairs that require you to use your hands to rotate the wheels, electric wheelchairs are powered by batteries that can help you run the vehicle for 8 hours straight. This means you do not need any manual efforts to cover any distances. You can stroll around the park, go shopping, transport goods, go to work and do so much anything that you like without getting exhausted.

Reduces Dependence:

Electric wheelchair reduces your dependency on other people. You no longer need someone to drag your wheelchair across the street or pull you through the shopping mall. With easy operations and the power of batteries, you can swiftly operate your electric wheelchair anywhere, anytime, all on your own. This makes you more independent and increases your mobility.

Greater Comfort:

Since electric wheelchairs come fitted with batteries and motors, these vehicles are usually large. This allows more room for cushions, making the seat very comfortable. The backrest on the wheelchair is also huge enough to support your back and prevent it from sprains during travel. The chair can also be customized as per your choice. For instance, seat material can be printed as you want. You further get a lot of space for adding accessories to stylize your vehicle.

Easy to Operate

Electric Wheelchairs make indoor and outdoor travel very easy. For those desiring a chair to move easily in cramped spaces, especially indoors, an electric wheelchair is the best fit. This mobility vehicle has anti-tilt wheels combined with compact wheel space (smaller turn circle) making it easy to turn and move in tight spaces. Power wheelchairs are also great for long distances outdoors. They let the user travel at the touch of a lever, saving them from the exhausting manual operation for long hours.

Safer Option

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Electric Wheelchairs are safer than manual wheelchairs in many ways. One, electric wheelchairs are power-driven making them less likely to tip over on a slope or while going uphill. Also, it requires less energy for the user to drive on a slope as compared to manual wheelchairs. Two, a power wheelchair is much more smooth to drive over bumps and on terrains with debris, grass, sand, and potholes. This adds to the rider’s safety, preventing them from falling on such rides. And lastly, electric wheelchairs have a lower centre of gravity making it safer for the rider to move in the chair while riding.

Easy to Transport:

Electric Wheelchairs are mostly foldable and can easily fit in the trunk of your car. This makes them easy to transport from one place to another without any hassle. These are also less bulky than mobility scooters giving them an edge in transportation. If you love to travel and need a lot of moving around, choosing an electric wheelchair will make your life easier. You can carry them along with you on any mode of transport be it a car, bus or train.

More Accessibility:

With the comfort, speed and ease of use of an electric wheelchair, it becomes easy for a rider to access any type of route. You can use these vehicles inside your home in cramped places and also outside. They are safe and easy to use on difficult terrains like grass, sand and gravel. You can also use them to go uphill and downhill. Their control and manoeuvre make it easy to access even the toughest spaces. They increase your mobility and accessibility manifold.


Electric wheelchairs are a blessing for people who have limited to no mobility and depend entirely on a wheelchair. It is liberating to be able to move around without support from others. You can travel and socialize at your own pace. You can enjoy the comfort and at the same time go in for adventures. You can contribute to your work with no hindrance from your mobility. But you can enjoy your life to the fullest from a wheelchair.