Top 11 Foods Zap Your Energy Level

Top 11 Foods Zap Your Energy Level
Mostly we eat such things, which lower our energy levels and make us sluggish throughout the day. There are so many factors included to drain energy level, but foods you eat have the most chances to affect the energy level. Here in this blog, we are going to share the foods which can destroy the energy level. Have a look and do share your experience with us.

Breakfast Cereals

Well, we want you to avoid doughnuts and all types of sugary breakfast cereals because they can lift down the energy level so quickly. Cereals are good, but sugar-based breakfast cereals would increase the blood sugar level and are dangerous for diabetic patients. Healthy cereals should be taken and for this. Cereals can make you fat that was unknown to you before but make sure you have read the ingredients over the label to check the amount of each ingredient.

Energy Drinks

Well, energy drinks are not a permanent solution, but they will boost you for the short term. Energy drinks load your body with caffeine and sugar. Blood sugar will lower your energy level and make you sluggish. Energy drinks can dehydrate you and make you even more tired so avoid taking these drinks regularly.

White Bread

Do you know white bread and rice have a high glycemic index? These have no fiber, which breaks down easily into your body using the proper energy level. Whole grains take a long time to get absorbed and keep the energy level boosted up. Make sure you have taken healthy carbs as per the recommendation of doctors.

Fruit Smoothies

A simple and effective way of getting the energy we think are the much convenient fruit smoothies. Do you know that taking packaged ones is harmful? If you are looking to maintain energy levels, then never go for this. Packaged fruit smoothies exceed daily sugar recommendations, which are not a healthy alternative for you. It would be suitable to make fruit smoothies at home.

Fermented Yogurt

Yogurt with fruits would be a healthier snack that guarantees you to keep going whenever you want. Fermented yogurt is prepared from the pasteurization process, which will strip off the enzymes and other nutrients. It also includes artificial sweeteners and sugars during this process. Fermented yogurt will make you deflated, so we want you to go for the natural yoghurt brand such as Greek yogurt because it contains less sugar than an ordinary one. It’s totally up to you how you season the yogurt.


If you people want to fix the fatigue level, leave the caffeine because it makes you sluggish, especially in the afternoon. Caffeine can pick your energy levels up by activating the nervous system initially, but later on, it makes your condition worse than before. The impact of caffeine leaves the nervous system much tired and irritated, especially with a headache. Caffeine can interrupt your sleep cycle at night.

Low-Calorie Option

Processed or fatty foods are bad for health and impact the waistline, so that you might be taking low calorie-based food too much. If you are taking fat-free options, then do check out for the healthier options. Avoid adding more fat, which is often replaced with hydrogenated oils and plenty of sugar to make it more edible. When you start taking out fats from your diet, don’t miss the healthy fats because it can help support your health and energy levels. Try to focus on nutrients and when it comes to maintaining healthy energy levels.

Red Meat

Iron deficiency is the main reason for fatigue, and nowadays, every 1 woman in 10 women are suffering from iron deficiency. You need to put extra effort to increase iron intake. Red meat is one of the dietary sources of iron. Red meat contains abundant iron and is also rich in fat, which makes your body difficult to digest. It causes problems such as constipation and bloating which increase the symptoms of fatigue. People who suffer from low levels of iron need to consider plant-based options. Leafy greens veggies such as spinach can provide excessive iron, similar to pumpkin seeds and lentils. You can have red meat once a week and it doesn’t affect your health and energy levels.

Can Certain Foods Give You More Energy?


Alcohol and drug abuse reduce the amount of energy and triggers so many health complications. Alcohol won’t help you in reloading energy. It will put you in depression because of sleep deprivation as well. People who are alcohol addicts have to leave the alcohol because it won’t help you restore energy and make your health conditions worse. There are so many rehabilitation centers in Connecticut providing the best treatment to help you in getting sober. If you live in Connecticut, you can treat all types of addiction under the supervision of experts. Whatever they recommend, make sure you are following properly.

Salty Snacks

Sugar is the main culprit of draining energy, but people who consume salty foods more often would feel fatigued and dehydrated. Keep mild dehydration in mind as well because it can also cause you fatigue symptoms. A healthier diet is essential, and you can’t blame a single food for this type of Fatigueness.

Soda Drinks

Soda drinks are loaded with sugar, and similar coffee and cereal soda will cause blood sugar levels to rise for a while. Soda drinks are also caffeinated beverages, and they will diminish the sleep quality. It can change the sleeping patterns of you and make you feel fatigued during the day. You may want more soda, and it triggers health complications.

These foods may zap your energy level and if you don’t want this, then go for a healthy diet plan recommended by your nutritionist. Never compromise on your food intake because it will keep you active and stable throughout the day. A balanced diet is essential, which is full of energy factors to remain productive throughout the day.