The Success Story Of Obesıty Sugery In Ekol Hospıtals

The Success Story Of Obesıty Sugery In Ekol Hospıtals

Ekol International Hospitals, founded in 2007 in İzmir, Turkey, continues to be the biggest health tourism provider for the Irish and British Citizens considering in having obesity surgery.

%100 Positive Reference

‘’Our patients always recommend us to their relatives with great confidence, and their praises for us have made us the most talked about hospital in the UK.’’ stated the International Patient Relations Manager. Lilly Ann, 17, from London, decided to have Mini Gastric By-Pass surgery at Ekol International Hospitals on the advice of a relative. Lilly Ann expresses her thanks to the hospital and her doctor with these words: ‘’It couldn’t have been done any better. Thank you EKOL Hospitals and Dr. K. for when we were in the surgery, when I was going into surgery and I was really nervous, as I didn’t have my mom or my aunt and my cousin with me. I really appreciate it when you touched my face and you made me feel like I was a part of your family, like I was one of your own. You made me feel special.’’

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24/7 Patient Support

Choosing a hospital abroad for medical treatments is a painful process. Therefore, it is very important to create a bond of trust with patients. With more than 40 international patient relations staff, Ekol Hospitals manage to take care of each of our patients individually. ‘’The most important factor here is to make our patients feel home and give them this warmth. Our patients spend 3-4 nights at the hospital for their medical treatments. We support them in their native language 24 hours a day during their stay here. Most of our patients do not even need to bring a companion with them. We are always there for them.’’ stated the International Patient Relations Manager.

Ekol Hospitals’ Aim Is To Restore Their Patients’ Health

‘’Patients come to our country and our hospital to regain their health. With our experience of more than 15 years, highly skilled physicians and high-tech medical devices, we offer our patients health services at the highest standards in Europe. We discharge all our patients after full recovery. We make sure that they are fit to fly back home. ‘’ says Mr. Salih Baz, the Board Member of Ekol Hospitals Group.