The Process of Starting a Rehab Center

The Process of Starting a Rehab Center
Unfortunately, the number of drug addicts and alcoholics keeps on skyrocketing as years fly by. Fortunately, you can learn more about this subject from different sources, including the internet and experienced individuals. The effects are conspicuous in today’s society, which is why you should think of doing something to help the situation. If your finances allow, it would be best to set up a rehabilitation center to cater to such individuals. However, you need to understand the process as explained below.

The Steps

Decide on the Location

You are opening a rehab facility, but you will be running it as a business. In this regard, you need to conduct detailed research on the best locations to set up such an institution. Most people who need help with substance addiction are found in major towns, cities, and urban areas. That is because they can access the substances they ‘need’ faster than those in the rural areas.

As such, it would be appropriate to consider starting the facility in an urban area because you can almost be sure you will get enough people to help. As you conduct your research, you should also check out a location with less competition. You are starting a new center, but some people began theirs earlier than you. Dealing with such stiff competition can be a challenge.

Obtain a License

Running an unlicensed recovery facility can land you in trouble with the state and federal authorities. Luckily, acquiring a license for your startup is not complicated as long as you understand the procedure and adhere to what is required of you. Besides the business license, you might be required to have a Certificate of Need by your residential state. Obtaining the CON is a two-step process: writing a letter of intent and filling out and submitting an application.

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Develop a Business Plan

You have to be strategic in how you go about creating your business plan. Experts and professionals in the corporate world advise that the plan you come up with should be detailed, precise, and sustainable. Your plan should have different sections, including executive summary, market opportunity, execution, and financial strategy. While you are at it, you should also think of what your Pro-forma will look like. The main benefit of this document is to help you make estimates of your expected expenditures, billable income, and anticipated revenue.

Acquire Accreditation

Getting accredited is one way of telling your potential clients that your services are legit and approved by the government. On a different note, though, accreditation can also help your facility financial-wise. Insurance companies will be more willing to cater to your clients’ care costs, saving you a substantial amount in running the institution. The accreditation process involves a few steps, which are:

  • Reviewing the requirements
  • Making the application
  • Taking the survey
  • Completing improvement requirements
  • Publicizing and complying with set regulations.

Hire the Necessary Staff

A rehab center operates like any other business – you need qualified personnel to help run the facility. The people you recruit should clearly understand the institution’s vision, mission, and values. Some of the personnel you may be required to employ include clerical officers, nurses, janitors, marketers, cooks, and caseworkers.

Market and Open the Doors

You may have set up an essential institution to help people, but chances are, you will not admit anyone there if you do not get the word out there about your services. One of the best ways to market is leveraging the internet, especially social media.

Starting a rehab center can open many doors for you, considering that you will be doing it to help drug addicts and alcoholics. Nonetheless, you need to understand the entire process as explained above to increase the chances of operating a thriving center.