The benefits of zinc for brain health, according to dr. Gerald horn

The benefits of zinc for brain health, according to dr. Gerald horn
Among a long list of antioxidants, protein, and vitamins, zinc is another beneficial ingredient found in Breinfuel – a “cerebral beverage” created by Dr. Gerald Horn to increase performance and productivity. You’ve likely seen zinc listed as an additive in many health supplements and products, but most people don’t know how it supports healthy brain function. Dr. Gerald Horn explains how it functions within the body and why he chose to add it to Breinfuel.

What is Zinc? Dr. Gerald Horn Explains

The second most abundant trace mineral present in our body is zinc, says Dr. Gerald Horn. Zinc is a key component in healthy brain development and functioning. The cells in your brain (neurons) communicate with one another through the release and receiving of chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are able to transmit signals from one neuron to another, and thus pass a message through your brain. Zinc helps the neurons process and release neurotransmitters. So without zinc, your brain is not able to form ideas as efficiently or quickly.

Zinc Supports Memory Function, Says Dr. Gerald Horn

The Medical University of Bialystock in Poland conducted a study on nursing home patients that found people with more zinc in their systems scored higher on cognitive ability tests. By aiding the connections and communications of neurons in the brain, zinc can improve memory and prolong cognitive function. Patients with higher levels of zinc showed fewer warning signs of dementia and confusion compared to the control groups. So if you have trouble remembering names, where you put your keys, or you missed another important meeting last week, Dr. Gerald Horn advises that zinc may be able to help!

Zinc Helps Protect Brain Health As We Age, Advises Dr. Gerald Horn

We all feel less energetic as we age – but your mind doesn’t have to age at the same rate as your body, says Dr. Gerald Horn. The National Italian Research Center on Aging conducted a study of over 800 senior citizens across Europe. This study tested these patients using the MMSE (mini-mental state examination). The MMSE is composed of questions that evaluate orientation, language skills, attention, and memory. There was a strong correlation between the patients who scored higher on the test and the patients who had higher levels of zinc in their systems. By enhancing and supporting neurotransmission, zinc keeps open the pathways for cognitive function and memory. In a healthy brain, this also allows for the formation of new neural pathways which can help stave off the symptoms of aging.

“I added zinc to Breinfuel’s formula because it is meant to support cognitive function and performance. So if there’s something beneficial we can add to the formula while still keeping it affordable, that’s what we want to do. It doesn’t interact with or support caffeine directly, but it may support the accelerated metabolism caffeine creates, particularly in the brain where zinc has several important functions and is an excellent supplement for supporting cognitive function overall,” says Dr. Gerald Horn. For more information about Breinfuel or how to purchase it, you can visit


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