The Benefits of Vaping Instead of Smoking

The Benefits of Vaping Instead of Smoking
Most smokers know that their habits are killing them, but quitting is hard. Thankfully, there’s no need to quit cold-turkey. Switching to a vape pen is easier than quitting nicotine completely, and a host of recent scientific studies show that it could benefit smokers’ health. Read on to find out about some of the many benefits of making the switch as soon as possible.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Getting started vaping is easy. Smokers can purchase vape starters at IndeJuice that come with everything required to facilitate this positive change. E-juice manufacturers even make nicotine vape cartridges that contain just as much of the chemical as traditional cigarettes.

Over time, vapers develop their personal tastes. Some prefer tobacco-flavored products, while others like fruity or minty flavors. It’s easy to find new flavors and get started experimenting after buying a starter kit.

Make it Easier to Cut Back or Quit

Nicotine vape cartridges come in different concentrations. Smokers who want to quit nicotine completely can start with a normal amount, then cut back slowly over time. Tapering nicotine consumption may reduce cravings, and switching to nicotine-free vape cartridges could eventually make it easier to stay quit.

Even smokers who have no intention of quitting nicotine can benefit from switching to a vape pen. There is evidence that it could be an effective harm-reduction strategy for just about any nicotine user.

Improve Heart Health

Nicotine is a potentially addictive and harmful chemical no matter how it’s ingested. However, e-cigarettes may be better for nicotine users’ heart health than traditional cigarettes. One recent study showed that switching to vaping instead of smoking cigarettes improves smokers’ heart health within a matter of weeks.

Improving heart health reduces consumers’ risks of heart attacks and strokes. Within just one-month, new vapers’ cardiovascular health returns to a mid-point between smokers and nicotine abstainers. This solution may not be perfect, but it’s certainly better than smoking.

Better Smell

Not all the benefits of switching to vaping pertain to health and wellness. Vapers also tend to smell better than cigarette smokers. The vapor cloud and its smell dissipate more quickly than cigarette smoke, and flavored cartridges smell better, to begin with.

Even smokers don’t enjoy the unpleasant, stale cigarette smell that permeates their clothes and hair. They just get used to it. After switching to vaping, nicotine users will no longer have to worry about whether their clothes, hair, homes, cars, and belongings smell terrible to non-smokers.

More Convenience

While it’s true that some places treat vaping like smoking and request that vapers go outside, it’s still more convenient to use a vape pen than smoke a cigarette. When using a vape pen, nicotine users have more control over how long it takes them to get their fix. Plus, there are plenty of circumstances where vapers can stay indoors while smokers are forced to partake outside.

The average cigarette smoker doesn’t just light up inside his or her own apartment or car. The smell lingers, there are concerns about second-hand smoke if pets or kids are around, and the lingering smoke turns stale fast. Vape clouds dissipate quickly and don’t leave behind an unpleasant residual smell, so most vapers feel perfectly comfortable using their vape pens in their homes and cars.

Lower Cost

While it’s true that vapers need to make a slightly larger initial investment by purchasing a vape pen or mod, the long-term cost is generally lower. E-liquid refills are less expensive than cigarettes and they go a long way. Vapers can also purchase their favorite e-juice flavors online instead of having to rely on local vendors.

The lower cost associated with purchasing vaping products versus cigarettes is just one of the ways smokers can save money by switching to vaping. Since making the switch can improve cardiovascular health, new vapers are also less likely to wind up with serious health conditions that could cause wage losses and result in unnecessary medical costs.

Tons of Options

Just like most smokers have a favorite brand of cigarettes, most vapers have favorite brands and flavors. That said, there are far more options for vapers than smokers. Cigarettes are all more or less the same. Vape juices are all very different, which leaves plenty of room for experimentation.

This benefit doesn’t just pertain to flavors, although vapers do love trying out new e-liquids. It’s also possible for vapers to tailor their nicotine concentrations to their needs. Nicotine users can purchase highly concentrated e-liquids to satisfy even intense cravings or low-nicotine varieties. There are also plenty of nicotine-free e-liquids for those who want to wean themselves off of nicotine without giving up vaping entirely.

Fewer Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Since vaping hasn’t been around for long enough to complete full-scale longitudinal studies, there’s no way to generalize accurately about the effect of switching to vaping from smoking on cancer risk. That said, at least one study shows that former smokers who switched to e-cigarettes had lower levels of cancer-causing chemicals in their saliva and urine.

According to the researchers, e-cigarette users had 97% lower levels of NNAL than cigarette smokers. NNAL is a by-product of TSNA exposure. Nicotine levels were similar among current smokers and former smokers who had switched to vaping.

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Easier to Use

Anyone who has tried to light a cigarette on a windy day knows that the physical process of smoking can be a challenge. It requires always having a lighter or matches on-hand, and for most smokers, involves the occasional burn to fingertips or, if applicable, facial hair. This is not the case with vaping.

It takes a while to set up a new vape pen or mod. Once users have gotten their products set up and have gotten used to using them, vaping is as easy as pushing a button or, in some cases, just drawing on the device. The average vape pen can keep users satisfied throughout a full day without needing a battery recharge or any other upkeep.

No More Wasted Cigarettes

Just take a look in any ashtray and it’s clear that cigarette smokers can be quite wasteful. It would make little sense for smokers to save cigarette butts or keep smoking even though their cravings have been satisfied, though, so there’s a good reason for all that waste. The good news is, switching to vaping will eliminate it.

Vape cartridges last a full day and are far less likely to wind up as litter on the sidewalks. Since vapers have 100% control over how much e-liquid they want to consume, there’s rarely any wasted product. For smokers who tend to get through half a cigarette then lose interest, that adds up to a lot less nicotine and, more importantly, a lot less money wasted.

Less Judgment from Society

These days, most people are less judgmental about vaping than smoking, especially if they pay attention to health and wellness. Even more conservative friends or family members are likely to see the switch as a positive one, especially for smokers who are trying to taper down their nicotine use.

Most modern consumers also view vaping as being trendier than smoking cigarettes. That’s a problem when it comes to issues like teenage nicotine use, but it’s a benefit for those who are of legal smoking age. Nobody wants to be seen as being behind the times.

Regain Smell and Taste

Smoking cigarettes adversely affects tobacco users’ senses of smell and taste. It dulls these senses even when smokers have been abstaining for hours. Vaping doesn’t dull the senses of taste and smell, which means smokers will be able to go back to enjoying their favorite meals and beverages.

Being able to taste and smell things better makes vaping even more enjoyable. Current smokers and dual-users may not notice the subtle differences between brands and flavors of e-juice. Those who make the switch to vaping-only will notice the change and appreciate their experiences more than traditional smokers.

There’s No Need to Make the Switch All at Once

Many current vapers started out as dual-users, meaning they were still smoking cigarettes when they made the switch. That’s perfectly fine. There’s no need to throw away that last pack of smokes when purchasing a vape pen. Instead, smokers can make the switch at their own speeds.

The only way to take advantage of the potential health benefits of vaping over smoking is to quit tobacco cigarettes entirely, but it doesn’t have to happen all at once. As smokers get used to vaping instead of burning tobacco, they’ll be less inclined to buy packs of cigarettes. Their vape pens will satisfy both nicotine cravings and oral fixations associated with smoking.

Final Thoughts

When vaping was first invented, many smokers were afraid to try it because they believed it was unsafe or thought it would be unsatisfying. While there are no forms of nicotine consumption that are completely safe, vaping is now regarded as a healthier alternative to combustible cigarettes.

It’s important to purchase vape pens and e-juices from well-respected suppliers. Black-market vape cartridges can contain dangerous additives. Vaping is only a safer solution than smoking if consumers do their research and buy from reputable online vendors.

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