Taking Up Neet For The Second Time? Seal The Deal This Time With These Tips

Taking Up Neet For The Second Time? Seal The Deal This Time With These Tips
Indeed, NEET is one challenging exam, and why shouldn’t it be? NEET is now the single-level, national medical entrance test conducted annually. More recently, it has replaced all the medical entrance tests in the country emerging as the only qualifying test for medical aspirants to clear if one aspires to lock a seat in medical programmes.

Cracking NEET is not everyone’s cup of tea as the level of competition is soaring. We can back this up with reliable statistics. NEET 2020 saw the registration of approximately 15.97 lakhs while the seats being offered were not more than 1.5 lakhs. With this alarming data point, one can get an idea of why it is said to have a cut-throat competition.

Having said that, one must also note that students who have missed their rank in NEET in the first attempt, have put in double the efforts next time around and cleared NEET in their subsequent attempts. It is certainly possible, given the right guidance and determination to succeed. So, if you are sitting for NEET this year, before taking up that NEET application, ensure to follow these simple tips to improve your scores.

Tips To Crack NEET In Second Attempt

Assess your previous performance

“The cost of failure is learning” – Neil Strauss

You are enriched by an experience if you are re-attempting NEET. Now, you know what went wrong. The first step one must take in retrospect, evaluate your previous performance. Jot down the points of what probably went wrong, how could you better it in the next attempt. Ensure to not repeat these same mistakes. This could mean adopting a different approach.

Seek assistance

If you retrieved from associating yourself with coaching or the assistance of any such academic mentor the previous time, do it this time. Experts of NEET are enriched with enough information on cracking NEET. They are well aware of important techniques, tactics, time management techniques and skill set, just what is required to crack competitive tests.

Self study your way to succeed

There is absolutely no alternative to this one. This is a common streak persisting for years together, seen in all those who have successfully cracked NEET. If you really have the burning interest to succeed, you are already self-studying right now, no matter the coaching you are already receiving.


Now, this can be challenging. It is not easy to stay put with long hours of preparation, especially if this is not your first attempt at NEET. But this very same factor is reason enough for one to devote yourself to preparations all the more. Tell yourself it is this one year, one attempt of yours that would probably decide your course of the future, let action follow suit then.


If you aim at cracking NEET, practice. It is the only “technique” to succeed.

Additionally, ensure to master NCERT first. NCERT is one of the best books for NEET 2021, then move to referring to relevant sources for NEET.

These were some tips for NEET aspirants. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for more such content.

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